Bruno White ’72

12 December 2007

Class: 1972

Major: Sociology/Anthropology

Deceased: February 15, 2001

Deceased 2/15/2001

Larnzell Martin, Jr. shared the following message about Bruno White on Facebook on 2/15/2021:

“Hi.  I am not one to initiate a conversation on social media. Today is an exception; I salute our classmate Bruno Adrian White. 

Still vivid is the moment 20 years ago when, as I was preparing to take the bench just before 9:00 a.m., my Administrative Aide came in and said words to the effect “There’s someone on the phone who says he is Ed; he sounds like he is crying.”  I got on the phone and Kwame (Ed) Scroggins told me that Bruno had passed; Bruno’s soulmate had told Ed that she had found Bruno sitting unresponsive around 5:30 that morning of February 15, 2001.  (Yes, it took me a while to get myself together after Ed and I finished talking.)  When you shared an issue with Bruno, you left the conversation better suited to address the issue.  That was especially true for us fellow Black students at Carleton who treasured his spirit and friendship. He helped us survive and have fun moments.  The first year after our graduation, I had the privilege of sharing an apartment in D.C. with Bruno as I began law school and he began work with Riggs Bank.  Consistent with his character, he helped make things bearable for me as I was conflicted about continuing school.  Many years later, during my judgeship, when I faced a major professional crisis, Bruno (along with fellow classmates Ed and Dicey Jackson Scroggins) provided important moral and practical support that kept me sane and helped me come out of the crisis a much better and more complete person.  If you knew Bruno and had more than a superficial relationship with him, I trust that your memories of him are as special as the ones that will forever be a part of me.  Thank you, Bruno.”