Barbara Blackstone ’63

7 January 2021

Class: 1963

Major: Religion

Residence: Minneapolis, MN

Deceased: January 6, 2021


Barbara Blackstone married Dick Reilein, Carleton class of 1963, the summer after graduation and settled into the Chicago area; Barb and Dick were close friends of Susan and Bill Plank who lived nearby. Both couples started families there. The Planks write: “In the 60 years since then, we all changed, but Barb seemed to go through many different phases and changing viewpoints or expectations. As she wrote at the time of our 50th reunion, she grew up with and embodied very traditional values and gender expectations. She was a great cook and seamstress, making lots of attractive clothing for herself and her daughters. After a few years of marriage (and divorce) she explored a number of avenues of empowering herself and other women. Personally and professionally she carved out a life of new purpose and fulfillment. She accomplished much and remained a good friend.  Shortly before her death, Barb moved into a senior condo building in Edina. She loved to tell us that in the underground garage, she had the only motor scooter!”  According to an obituary in the Minneapolis Star-Tribune, “She found her calling as a mediator for the State of Minnesota and educator on women’s power in the workplace.” Barbara died January 6, 2021.

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