Anne (Laws) Panzar ’69 P99

23 June 2000

Class: 1969

Major: English

Deceased: February 18, 2000

Alumni survivors: John C. Panzar, Ph.D. ’69 P99 W69 (Widow/Widower), Mr. John R. Panzar ’99 (Child)

According to the Carleton College publication, New Students – 1965 (a.k.a., “The Zoo Book”), Anne Laws Panzar (then Anne Laws) attended Columbus Senior High School in Columbus, Indiana.  In the 1966 Algol, Anne is pictured as having lived on 3rd Gridley.  In the Superzoo section of the 1969 Algol, Anne is pictured as having lived on 3rd Nourse, where she also served as the Resident Assistant (R.A.).  Anne’s photograph also appears In the Seniors section of the 1969 Algol, where she is listed as having been an English major.

Anne was a member of the CSA Executive Council.  As CSA President, I appreciated her input during the interview process we engaged in to select the various CSA Committee Chairpersons.

When Anne’s father, the late Rev. William (“Bill”) Laws, a clergyman who later became General Assembly Moderator for the United Presbyterian Church in the USA (1970-1971), visited her on campus, Anne graciously introduced me to him.

On another occasion, Anne also introduced me to her fellow Hoosier from Terre Haute, Colette Cox, Carleton College, Class of 1972, when Colette visited campus as a prospective student.

Anne sat next to me in Professor Eshelman’s Ethics I & Ethics II classes.  I believe that this was because of the spelling of our last names (Ko and La, respectively).

(Submitted by Andrew Korsak)

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