Alfred Kerth ’74

26 September 2002
Alfred Kerth

Class: 1974

Deceased: September 11, 2002

Alumni survivors: Dr. Patricia Kyle Dennis ’72 (Former Spouse)


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  • 2024-01-29 09:57:16
    James Maxeiner

    Al Kerth, Phil Brown and I were all classmates for six years at the same secondary school in St. Louis. It was a small school, so we shared many classes. For many of those years, Al and I carpooled to school. The three of us all went off to Carleton in fall 1970.

    Al returned to St. Louis after graduating from Carleton and was a civic leader. A year after his untimely death, the St. Louis Post Dispatch ran on its front pages three chapters of a biography of Al’s many contributions to the city. The articles are available at , , and Page 1 of Chapter 1 as I write this is posted to the site as an obituary.

    In school, I did not see signs of the mental issues that later led to his shotgun suicide. When I learned of his suicide, I thought how much better off we all would be with limits on accessibility of guns.

    Some years later Al’s son Danny took action on suicide prevention, which includes a documentary film. See and

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