How can I obtain my username and password?

If you have an email address on file with the College, go to the automated Password & Account Management page. If we do not have an email address for you, please e-mail your full name, your birthdate, your major, and your class year to Alumni Relations or call 800-729-2586 and staff will respond to your request.

I changed my password and have now forgotten it.

Reset it on the Password & Account Management page or email Alumni Relations, or call 800-729-2586.

How do I change my password?

Visit the Password & Account Management page. If you don’t know your current password (which is required to change it), see the previous questions above for help.

What’s my username?

The basic formula for usernames is the first seven letters of your last name plus your first initial, underscore, and full class year. For example, the username for Friedrich Schiller ’58 would be ‘schillef_1958’. For alumni since 2013, your username is the same as it was during your student days.

If you visit the Password & Account Management page you’ll be told your username once you identify yourself. Email Alumni Relations or call 800-729-2586 with questions.

When I try to update my information it shows my spouse’s. How do I update my own information?

Your spouse is still signed in to the alumni network. Simply sign out and sign back in using your own username and password, and your information should appear on the form.

I updated my address or changed my preferences using the online form. How long will it take this new information to appear in the Directory?

Once you submit the information, it is normally recorded in the College database within 10 working days.

Is the Directory searchable by Carleton name as well as current last name?

Yes. The Directory searches for current names and names while at Carleton.

Where is the photo next to my directory entry coming from, and how do I change it?

Photos are drawn from (in order of preference): the Carleton Directory (for alumni faculty and staff), Reunion Biobook submitted photos, historic student ID photos, and Reunion Biobook historical photos (Zoobook photos).

Follow instructions on the Alumni Directory Photos page if you want to update your directory photo.

I’m really puzzled by this system. Can I get help?

Technical help is available. For questions or comments about the site’s content, design, etc., please email Alumni Relations.

I’m concerned about having my personal information available on the site. What is the privacy policy?

The privacy of your personal information is our top priority. Only you can update your personal information, and only members of the Carleton community with passwords (alumni, faculty, students and staff) can view your Directory information. You may limit the information that appears to other alumni in the online Directory. Carleton College has a strict policy never to release any personally identifiable information about alumni to third parties.

What are the terms of use of the Online Directory?

The information in the Directory is for official College and Alumni Association use, and also for personal communication between alumni. Use of the Directory for any other purpose, including commercial or political communications or solicitations, is strictly prohibited. Misuse of the Directory will result in loss of access privileges. Report misuse via email to Alumni Relations.

What if I want to host a Carleton gathering in my area and want to contact people using the Directory?

Please email Alumni Relations. Staff will discuss your planned event with you and can help you advertise it appropriately.