We have a huge exciting opportunity coming up at the end of September 2022. For the first time since 2008 the Multicultural Alumni Network (MCAN) will be hosting The Gathering. Basically, a Reunion for MCAN community members to come together here on campus to celebrate our community, meet new people, and engage in thoughtful discussion. From September 30th to October 2nd alumni will be around campus hosting activities, panels, discussions, even a block party may be underway! All that matters is that we come together in the spirit of a community that despite its difficulties strives to move forward together, in support of each other, and for the benefit of all.

Get Involved to Support Current Students

Here’s a chance to hear from Ariel who had the opportunity to intern at the Laura Baker Services Association thanks to the MCAN Fellows Program.

Our current efforts are centered around connecting New Alumni to the existing MCAN community. The resources, mentorship, networking, and engagement opportunities this affinity group provides are extraordinarily rewarding. The MCAN program that we want to highlight and continue to build support for is the MCAN Fellows Program. This is a program that supports experiential learning by providing financial support for students undertaking internships, research experiences, or other field-based opportunities in fields that offer no compensation — or compensation lower than the pro-rated equivalent of entry-level salary. Awarding supplemental grants sufficient to cover expenses and, to the extent possible, lost earnings necessary for any required portion of tuition and other costs needed to attend Carleton the coming academic year.

Three Ways New Alumni Can Get Involved with MCAN:

  1. To stay tuned on MCAN updates follow us on Instagram!
  2. If you feel inspired to come out and help out we would love to have you join the MCAN Gathering Planning Committee.
  3. New Alumni are also directly supporting the MCAN Fellows initiative, learn more!

Get Involved to Connect with Fellow New Alumni

The New Alumni Team is looking for more people to help plan this year’s activities across the country! Whether it is connecting via social media or in person we want to help Carls stay connected and thrive as they move to new cities and go on great adventures. Here are a few opportunities to learn more and get involved!