Carleton has a significant history of alumni stewardship. Alumni have supported — and continue to generously support — the college, both financially and with their time, energy, and enthusiasm. Alumni volunteers create opportunities for fellow alumni to meet, build relationships, and reconnect with the college; provide current and prospective students with information and advice; and support campus activities and priorities.

A list of ongoing stewardship efforts is provided below; to learn more about these efforts or to volunteer, please follow the links or contact your Alumni Council representative.

Alumni Admissions Representatives (AAR)

Alumni Admissions volunteers strive to assure the character, quality, and diversity of the student body by encouraging bright, talented students to apply to Carleton. By sharing their own experiences, Alumni Admissions Representatives (AARs) help students get to know Carleton a little better.

Alumni Adventures

Alumni Adventures offer the opportunity to travel with fellow Carleton alumni, and to learn from the best and the brightest – our Carleton faculty!

Alumni Annual Fund (AAF)

Your Annual Fund gift touches nearly every aspect of life at Carleton. All of the College’s day-to-day needs—from student financial aid to faculty and staff salaries to the latest technology and facilities—depend on Annual Fund gifts. Learn more about how these gifts benefit Carleton.

‘C’ Club

The primary purpose of the ‘C’ Club is to foster an appreciation for the rich traditions of Carleton Athletics. This is done through the administration of the ‘C’ Club Hall of Fame, this organization’s primary function, as well as supporting the current varsity athletic program.

Carleton Athletic Initiative (CAI)

Offering quality and competitive athletics programs and facilities requires a substantial financial commitment. That’s why a group of former athletes has established the CAI Annual Fund to support the highest quality athletic experience for students.

Careers Alumni Board (CCAB)

It’s been said that 80% of jobs are made through informal offers; that is, they’ve never even posted online or printed in newspapers. This means that the importance of the Carleton network — and chances for alumni and students to meet, network, and connect — are more important than ever. Learn more about how you can volunteer.

Multicultural Alumni Network (MCAN)

The Multicultural Alumni Network (MCAN) at Carleton College exists to support alumni efforts on behalf of students and alumni who identify as persons of color.

Out After Carleton (OAC)

Out After Carleton exists to mobilize Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer, Asexual and Allied (LGBTQA+) alumni, students, and friends of the College as a community to support Carleton’s overall educational, admission, careers, and fundraising programs and objectives, especially as they relate to and affect LGBTQA+ students, alumni, faculty, staff, and allied friends of the College.

Student Ambassador Program (StAmP)

The Student Ambassador Program (StAmP) exists to offer opportunities on campus for students to engage in alumni programming, to connect students with the broader Carleton community, and to educate current students about the important role philanthropy plays at Carleton.