Micah Evans ’02
Prosper, TX

After graduating from Carleton, Micah obtained a Master’s in Public Health from the University of Illinois at Chicago before completing an alternative certification program through National-Louis University.  In a career spanning almost 20 years, Micah has served as a teacher, behavior interventionist, and dean of students.  Her interests include educational equity, transformative leadership, and restorative practices. She is the proud recipient of the Carleton Exceptional Service Award.

Alumni Council Trustee Members

Love Anani ’07

Catherine Lindeman Gunsbury ’89

Raul Raymundo ’87

Dana Wright ’95


Melissa Albay '90

Melissa Albay ’90
Alumni Annual Fund Board Representative
Edina, MN

Melissa is currently an IT Business Analyst / Product Owner for a website development company in Minneapolis, MN. She has been volunteering for Carleton starting with her 5-year reunion planning committee and working her way through Program Committee, 25th Reunion Committee, and Alumni Council roles. She is excited to be serving the next two years as the AAF Board Chair and channeling her energy into championing alumni giving!

Volunteering keeps her connected to a place and helps her hold Carleton accountable for where it needs to be improved. She finds volunteering for Carleton, and the connections she makes through those volunteer experiences, energizing and invaluable to the core of who she is.

Amy Bevilacqua

Amy Bevilacqua ’89 P’26
Past President
Alexandria, VA

I came to Carleton from the San Francisco Bay Area, where I grew up, and I majored in English had a concentration in Film Studies, and did a lot of theater. I loved Carleton so much that I began my career there after graduation, serving as an Admissions Officer for four years. While I was initially offended when my boss at Carleton, Paul Thiboutot, recommended business school (as I fancied myself as a bit of an artist/performer), I eventually took his advice and got my MBA at Yale, which was the closest thing I could find to a liberal arts education within a business school. Starting off in the education sector ended up being a kind of north star for me, and I’ve spent my career at the intersection of education, media, and technology. I currently serve as the Chief Innovation Officer for American Public Education, where we run one of the largest fully online universities in the US, with a particular focus on serving adult learners. I was thrilled to re-engage with Carleton by co-chairing the Gift Committee for my 25th Reunion, where we set a record for Reunion Gifts—one that I hope has been broken by now. I live in Alexandria, VA with my husband, David, who is a stay-at-home dad, and my children Charlie ’26 and Natalie — both of whom think Carleton is the ultimate in colleges, and I agree!

Tehmi Bozicevich ’24

Tehmi Bozicevich '24

Student Representative
Golden Valley, MN

Jackie Culotta '19

Jackie Culotta ’19

Out After Carleton Board Representative
Minneapolis, MN

Jackie graduated from Carleton in 2019 with a degree in Biology. They are currently pursuing a biosciences MS researching new technology to prevent aquatic invasive species invasion into the Great Lakes. When they are not working with fish, Jackie likes to bike, canoe, and cross country ski. At Carleton, they played for the women’s rugby team, and worked to create inclusive spaces on campus as a Gender and Sexuality Center House Manager and Gender Discussion Group facilitator. Jackie sees OAC as an important continuation of that work to connect and support current students and alumni.

Mimi Davisson

Mimi Davisson ’66

At-Large Member
Oak Bluffs, MA

My life maps well into quartiles. Majoring in history at Carleton capped my first quartile. Building a career in Information Technology in NYC occupied my second quartile. Retiring as early as possible as a Chief Information Officer and creating a satisfying post-paying-work life with my partner Steve have been the primary pursuits of my current quartile. The fourth quartile nears. Politics, travel, swimming, volunteering, and music have been constants throughout my life. Elective office in regional planning and finance, sailing, and bicycling have made intermittent appearances. Served as Class Agent in the ‘90s and Co-Chair of our 50th reunion gift team a few years ago. Recently passed 50 years of continuous giving to the AAF. Two Carleton Alumni Adventures appear on my travel resume. A Hoosier when I enrolled at Carleton, I am now a Bay Stater living on Martha’s Vineyard.

Rebecca Ditsch

Rebecca Ditsch ’93

At-Large Member
Minneapolis, MN

A native of Portland, Oregon, Rebecca graduated from Carleton in 1993 as a religion major with a concentration in South Asian Studies (and, informally, Rugby). She has a J.D. from Columbia Law School and lived and worked in New York City as a lawyer, cake baker, and massage therapist for 16 years. In 2011 she moved back to Minnesota, where she works in Product Management at Thomson Reuters. Rebecca lives in Minneapolis with her dogs Sophie and Nellie, and boyfriend and fellow ’93 alum, Mark Erickson, whom she did not know while at Carleton. She was on her 25th Reunion Planning Committee and serves as a Class Agent for the Alumni Annual Fund. Rebecca is also on the Board of Directors of Franconia Sculpture Park.

Andrew Farias '21

Andrew Farias ’21

Young Alumni Representative
Lincoln, NB

Andrew Farias hails from Houston, Texas but has found a temporary home at Carleton as a recipient of the Posse Foundation Full-Tuition Leadership Scholarship. Andrew is a double major in Environmental Studies and Political Science, which he intends to use in preparing him for a career in environmental policy. His coursework has further encouraged his passions in learning about how waste management and water conservation are impacted by legislative actions. When not in class, Andrew loves leading or participating in one of many student organizations across campus, such as Environmental Carls Organized, Swipe Out Hunger, and the Carleton Student Association. As a Sustainability Assistant and as a CCCE Environmental Systems Fellow, he enjoys creating a more environmentally-conscious campus culture while furthering Carleton’s mission for sustainability and stewardship.

In his “free time” he enjoys going on long-distance runs and procrastinating by watching Saturday Night Live videos on YouTube.

Sarah Hagerty

Sarah Hagerty ’13

At-Large Member
Boulder, CA

Paula Frances Hart’ ’77

Paula Hart

At-Large Member
Dallas, TX

At Carleton I discovered and fell in love with Philosophy, which became my major. I also took many history, art history and English courses — including a Campus Abroad semester in London studying theater, Charles Dickens and George Eliot. This academic preparation naturally (?) led me to a first career in retail including seventeen years at Dayton’s/Hudson’s/Marshall Fields as a buyer, store manager, and marketing director.

A four-year experience at Carleton — volunteering at Faribault State Hospital every Saturday supporting a young woman with disabilities — directly led to my second career in health and human services as a COO and CEO at several large nonprofits in the Twin Cities. I earned a Master’s in Organizational Leadership from St. Catherine University five years ago which helped me bring fresh ideas to my executive positions and board roles. Most recently I retired as President and CEO of Volunteers of America Minnesota/Wisconsin to move near family in Texas and pursue an encore career. My husband Karl and I are grateful to live a mile from two pre-school grandchildren who know me as “Gigi.”

Over the years I’ve been involved with Carleton in a variety of ways including hosting interns in my workplace, speaking on campus about careers, and meeting one on one with students about their vocational interests. I am delighted to deepen and extend my relationship with Carleton by serving on the Alumni Council.

Kathy Hintz

Kathryn Hintz ’88 P’22

At-Large Member
Minot, ND

Kathy came to Carleton from suburban Chicago and majored in political science.  While at Carleton, she participated in synchronized swimming, gave tours for the admissions office, and volunteered with a variety of groups in the newly established Acting in the Community Together (ACT).  Sometime in the spring of her senior year, she thought about teaching and got a position as a teaching assistant in an elementary classroom in Connecticut.  Wanting to work with older students, she attended Brown to earn an MAT in secondary social studies and volunteered tutoring in English in Paris and high school in Michigan.  When she moved to Minot, ND, she stumbled into the world of college teaching and after a few years jumped enthusiastically into a Ph.D. from University of North Dakota.   She currently teaches classes for all first-year education students (using every aspect of her liberal arts degree) and elementary social studies methods (even though she thought she didn’t want do that), advises elementary education majors, and places practicum and student teachers.  She has volunteered as an alumni admissions representative and on reunion planning committees and enjoys cooking, gardening, traveling, and reading.  She is married to Dan Ringrose ’88 and has two kids in their 20s, one of whom attends Carleton. 

Liz King and family

Liz King ’94 P’22

At-Large Member
Wilson, WY

Born in New York and raised in Boston, Liz King migrated from the East Coast to Carleton. Liz majored in Geology with a concentration in Technology and Policy Studies. She was also an oboe player in the Carleton orchestra. Liz met her husband, Andy King, as floormates on 2nd Musser sophomore year and they are now married for over 25 years. 

Inspired to be like her professors at Carleton, Liz attended University of Wisconsin – Madison for her MS and PhD in Geology with the hopes of being a professor too. Instead of a small liberal arts college, Liz was hired as an Assistant Professor at a large state school, Illinois State University. After seven years in Normal (Illinois), Liz got tenure and promotion and then made the lifestyle change with the continued migration of her family from the corn fields of Illinois for a new life in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. The job base in Jackson is unusual, forcing some creativity. As a result Liz does development for Teton Literacy Center and teaches Geology online for a community college in California.

Liz has been actively volunteering for Carleton as a class agent for the Alumni Annual Fund, Alumni Admissions Representative, and her 25th Reunion Planning Committee. Liz and Andy’s oldest son is a Carleton class of 2022 Chemistry major. Their middle son is attending Bates College and their youngest son is in high school in Jackson. When not driving kids around the intermountain west for sports, Liz enjoys hiking, biking and skiing in the western Wyoming mountains and has returned to the oboe playing with the Jackson Hole Community Band. 

Clay Kingbury ’20

Clay Kingsbury '20

Alumni Admissions Board Representative
San Francisco, CA

Luke Lara

Luke Lara ’99

At-Large Member
San Marcos, CA

I was born in Quito, Ecuador, and raised in Columbia Heights, Minnesota. I am part of a large bicultural, biracial family of musicians and artists that honor our Afro-Ecuadorian and Andean roots. A teacher in high school introduced me to Carleton. She drove me down 35W to a land of corn, cows, and colleges. The rest is history! I enjoyed teaching Salsa dancing in the Spanish house, being a DJ for KRLX, working in the Modern Language Center, and grading math homework. I graduated with a BA in Mathematics and I also realized my passion for supporting minoritized students in higher education from an equity and social justice framework. I began my career as Assistant Director of Multi-Cultural Affairs at Carleton College and then ventured to a warmer climate as Director of TRIO Upward Bound Math and Science at the University of California, San Diego. For several years after graduating from Carleton College, I remained engaged as an alumni admission representative, member and former chairperson of the Multicultural Alumni Network, and member of the Alumni Council. My involvement tapered as I pivoted careers fifteen years ago. After earning my Master’s in Education with a concentration in Multicultural Counseling, I became a counseling faculty member at MiraCosta Community College. After ten years working as a counselor, I earned a Doctorate of Education in Educational Leadership from San Diego State University. My dissertation critically analyzed systemic racism in hiring practices for full-time faculty members in the community college from the perspective of faculty of color. Recently, I have been engaged at the local and California State level Academic Senate advocating for equity-minded policy change. I look forward to re-engaging with alumni, students, and future Carls.

Todd Larson

Todd Larson ’83

At-Large Member
Blanchardville, WI

Todd graduated from Carleton in 1983, earning a major in History with an emphasis on French. He served as Peace Corps Volunteer in Togo, West Africa, after which he earned his Juris Doctor and Master’s Degree (International Studies) from the University of Washington, Seattle.

Todd’s first career comprised 20 years with the United Nations (UN), serving in a variety of legal and administrative capacities. His UN career entailed living in an array of countries including Namibia, Indonesia, Malaysia, Cambodia, the former Yugoslavia, and Haiti. He also served for many years at UN Headquarters in Geneva, Switzerland and in New York City.

Todd’s second career was as a senior Presidential Appointee in the Obama Administration. His title was Senior LGBT Coordinator. His mandate was to work with the White House, the State Department, and the US Agency for International Development (USAID; where he was based), to help define and give substance to an emerging US foreign policy priority—the human rights and development of LGBTQI persons around the world.

Jenny Lopez '02

Jennifer Lopez ’02

Multicultural Alumni Network Board Representative
Chicago, IL

Jenny Lopez is a member of the class of 2002 who majored in history.  At Carleton, she served as a MPL (Multicultural Peer Leader), a New Student Week leader, and participated in various organizations.  She had numerous on-campus jobs and studied abroad in Northern Ireland.  Post-Carleton, she went for her master’s in Higher Education Administration with a special focus on retention of unrepresented students.  After working at Northwestern University and Loyola University Chicago, she decided to leave the field.  She now works as a Real Estate Appraiser in Chicago.  This career path allows her to utilize her Carleton-groomed research and writing skills.  She is interested in issues of access, retention, as well as the impact of physical space on these issues. 

Michael Lovett ’70

Michael Lovett

At-Large Member
White Bear Lake, MN

Mike Lovett began his teaching career as a history teacher in New York, recruited on campus at Carleton in the spring of 1970, his senior year. After forty-seven “first weeks of school,” he completed his full-time career in 2017 as superintendent of the White Bear Lake Public Schools in Minnesota. 

Between teaching in New York and “superintending” in White Bear Lake, Mike was an administrator at public school sites and district levels in Minnesota, in a leadership role at the Minnesota Department of Education, and assistant superintendent with the Minnetonka Public Schools.  

For more than 40 years, he’s also taught graduate-level courses as adjunct faculty in educational leadership and policy. Mike has regularly presented on educational topics to Minnesota and National conferences; traveled internationally to Asia, Africa, and Europe for education and nonprofit partnerships; is the author of journal articles; a book and video series on teacher retention; and for twenty years a regular contributor to national publications on education.

Since his retirement from full-time work in 2017 Mike has slowed the pace some,  but modestly expanded teaching at the graduate level, currently adjunct faculty at the University of Minnesota and the University of St. Thomas; provides pro-bono and fee-based strategic leadership mentoring and management consulting to educational and nonprofit leaders through an LLC; and is active on several nonprofit boards. 

Mike earned his B.A. in History from Carleton in 1970, also attending Doshisha University in Japan in 1969;  and M.A. (1973) and Ph.D. (1979) degrees in Educational Leadership and Policy from the University of Minnesota.

Mike and his wife Sylvia (Carleton Class of 1970)  live in White Bear Lake; they have four adult children and two grandchildren.

Richard Majerus ’07

Rich Majerus

At-Large Member
Charlotte, NC

Despite growing up a short drive from Northfield in Rochester, MN, Rich first found out about the land of Cows, Colleges, and Contentment during his senior year of high school when former Carleton football Coach Chris Brann told him about liberal arts colleges and how Carleton could change his life. Rich was convinced. He went on to major in Sociology and Anthropology with a concentration in Educational Studies and has been working in education ever since. Rich met his wife Brooke at the University of Notre Dame while he was pursuing graduate studies at the Center for Research on Education Opportunity. Then Rich returned to Carleton as an assistant dean of admissions, and he and Brooke were married in Cowling Arboretum. They have traversed the country a couple of times since, taking the circuitous route of moving from New Jersey to Maine by first spending a year in Oregon to be closer to Brooke’s family. During this time, Rich helped to found Third Coast Analytics, a higher education-focused data science start-up. After selling the start-up, they lived on a small farm and both worked at Colby College in Maine. The current stop on their journey is in Charlotte, NC where Rich works as the Vice President of Planning and Strategy at Queens University of Charlotte. On the weekends, he can often be found hiking the mountains of western North Carolina or working to replace every square inch of their city lot with garden beds and plants.

Michael McClellan ’13

Michael McClellan

At-Large Member
St. Petersburg, FL

While at Carleton, Michael majored in Chemistry with a concentration in Women’s and Gender Studies. He conducted independent research on indoor air pollution with Professor Deborah Gross, served as President of the Carleton Student Association (CSA), and was a peer educator as a Gender and Sexuality Center Associate. Since graduating, Michael has stayed involved by serving on the Out After Carleton Leadership Committee and on the planning committee for his 5th Reunion. While working toward a PhD in Atmospheric Science from MIT, Michael couldn’t stay away from student government after his experience with CSA, serving as President of the MIT Graduate Student Council. After a variety of academic and research experiences, including a three-month field experiment in rural Ireland, a summer internship at NASA Goddard Space Flight Center, and creation of an independent baseball research initiative, he looked at a number of possible career paths. After completing his PhD in June 2018, he started as a Baseball Research & Development Analyst with the Tampa Bay Rays of Major League Baseball, a position that allows him to blend his scientific training, interest in operations, and passion for baseball.

Ailsa McCulloch ’12

Ailsa McCulloch '12

Careers Alumni Board Representative
Vancouver, British Columbia

Marjorie Mitalski ’24

Marjorie Mitalski '24

Student Representative
Zionsville, IN

Susie Pham ’12

Alumni Admissions Board Representative
Somerville, MA

Zoe Pharo '21

Zoe Pharo ’21

Young Alumni Representative
Durham, North Carolina

Zoe majored in Political Science/International Relations. Born and raised in Durham, North Carolina, she enjoyed four years in a new part of the country. After staying with two amazing Carleton alumni while completing internships, she continues to be grateful for the immense generosity of alumni. She hopes to one day be as helpful and caring a resource for future students! On campus, Zoe played frisbee with Eclipse, served on the CSA Budget Committee, worked in the Career Center, and in her spare moments enjoyed watching stand-up comedy.

Ayman Rahadian ’23

Student Representative
South Boston, MA

Caroline Saksena

Caroline Saksena ’23

Student Representative
Lincoln, NE

Caroline Saksena is a Biology major in Carleton’s class of 2023 who dreams of becoming a physician and solving neuroscience puzzles. Born and raised in the Boston area, she moved to Lincoln, Nebraska, during high school and chose Carleton for its balance of strong academics with a warm community.

Caroline’s diverse background helps her relate to people. She’s lived in Massachusetts and Nebraska, comes from a multicultural family, and relishes her travels in the US and abroad. Noticing cultural and systemic differences have driven Caroline to advocate for healthier communities around her.

Caroline loves to play double bass in the Symphony Orchestra, ski in the Arb with the Nordic Skiing Club, scrimmage with Women’s Club Soccer, go biking to explore new places, and make people smile. She’s a Research Assistant in Carleton’s Perception Lab, and she’s always on the lookout for dogs.

Fascinated by science and its applications, Caroline strives to couple what she learns from her personal and classroom experiences to improve people’s lives. Her non-profit work with Lincoln-based Launch Leadership and Carleton family-run Concussion Alliance highlights this. Caroline’s drawn to bringing people together around a shared need. She’s successfully organized events as a Resident and Programming Assistant through Residential Life and as a Co-Program Director of Carleton’s Swipe Out Hunger. Once she returns from studying abroad in Australia, she’ll be joining the Carleton Career Center team to connect people with relevant resources. Caroline’s excited to bring her broad array of experiences to the Alumni Council and promote future success in Carleton’s community. 

Nonoko Sato

Nonoko Sato ’00

At-Large Member
Minneapolis, MN

Nonoko majored in International Relations at Carleton and moved to San Francisco, CA after graduation. She has co-chaired 5th, 10th, 15th, and 20th reunion committees and has been an active member of the Alumni Admissions Representative Program, both as a Team Leader for Northern California and as a board member. She relocated to Minneapolis, MN with her husband Ted (’00) and their two children, Odin and Kaia in 2017. She now works as the Executive Director of the Minnesota Council of Nonprofits, an organization that works to inform, promote, connect, and strengthen individual nonprofits and the nonprofit sector. MCN serves over 2,200 nonprofits throughout the state of Minnesota (including Carleton). Nonoko is also on the board of the Coalition of Asian American Leaders (CAAL) in St. Paul whose mission is to harness the collective power of its members to improve the lives of the community by connecting, learning, and acting together. Previously she was the Executive Director of SMART – an educational nonprofit in San Francisco that provides low-income students access to exceptional schools and the skills needed to thrive in college and in life. Under her leadership, SMART tripled the number of students served and expanded its services through high school. 94% of SMART students pursue college, including four who chose Carleton College! As a first-generation college student, she believes strongly in the power of education as a catalyst to help break cycles of poverty. She has worked extensively in partnering with schools and organizations to promote access, equity, and inclusion within their communities. She received the In the Spirit of Carleton Award in 2015. Her other passion is theater, specifically promoting diverse representation on stage for Asian American artists and their stories. She served on the board of the Asian American Theater Company and the Ferocious Lotus Theatre Company in San Francisco.

Sue Scott

Sue Scott ’77

‘C‎’‎ Club Board Representative‎
Minneapolis, MN

Sue Scott majored in biology and has a masters of science in microbiology from the University of Rhode Island and a masters of science in cell biology from Yale University. She previously worked as an instructor at The Taft School.

At Carleton, Sue was involved in Carleton athletics prior to the 1984 recognition of women receiving letters for varsity athletics. Past coaches Pat Lamb and Marie Matsen ’69 called her the “stalwart of the tennis team” and praised her work ethic and leadership as team captain for varsity tennis. She was a member of the Women’s Athletic and Recreation Association, which promoted women’s athletics and recreation on campus. In addition, Sue competed at the intramural level for basketball and softball.

Sue is a long-time, active volunteer in multiple areas for Carleton. Currently, she is a volunteer for the Career Center and a class agent for the Alumni Annual Fund, and she has served in the past on her class Reunion committee.

Naja Shabazz

Naja Shabazz ’05

At-Large Member
Huntsville, AL

Naja Shabazz ’05 came to Carleton from Memphis, TN and now lives in Huntsville, AL. She majored in English and pursued a BFA in Interior Design from O’More College of Design in 2017. SHe works as an Interior Designer for the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. She earned a Commander’s Award for Civilian Service in 2019. She enjoys learning new languages, boxing, music, and more.

Jack Uchitel

Jack Uchitel ’22

Young Alumni Representative
Carlsbad, CA

Jo Young

Jo Young ’96

Out After Carleton Board Representative
Minneapolis, MN

Jo graduated from Carleton with a degree in Women’s Studies in 1996 when it was still a ‘design your own’ major.  While at Carleton Jo did lots of work for the Carleton LGBTQ+ student organization. After college when looking for work, Jo took advantage of IT experience gained doing work study and began a career in IT. Jo has continued to work in IT for 20-plus years and is interested in things that make most people’s eyes roll back in their heads, along with juggling the roles of the sandwich generation with a parent in assisted living and two kids in school.  While not rich in money, power, or advanced degrees, Jo is rich in life, family, and friends.