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Carleton Connects: Kai Bird ’73 and J. Robert Oppenheimer

29 September 2023

Kai Bird ’73 is one of our nation’s preeminent biographers, and the movie Oppenheimer is based on his Pulitzer Prize–winning biography of the father of the atomic bomb. Join Kai for a…

Kai Bird '73

Carleton Connects: Cindy Blaha, Ryan Terrien ’09, and the Webb Telescope

20 December 2022

Join Carleton professors Cindy Blaha and Ryan Terrien ’09 for an in-depth conversation on NASA’s James Webb Space Telescope.

galaxy image

Carleton Connects: Michael Alvarez ’86 on election integrity

29 September 2022

Join prominent elections scholar R. Michael Alvarez ’86 for a conversation on the methods and the realities of our nation’s voting system.

photo of event speaker

Carleton Connects: Mario Small ’96 on neighborhoods, financial access, and racial inequality

25 March 2022

A distinguished scholar of social networks and urban neighborhoods discusses the financial geography of our nation and the importance of race to the accessibility of conventional banks.

headshot of event speaker

Carleton Connects: Richard Allen Greene ’91 & Martin Kaste ’91 on air

16 December 2021

Two seasoned media professionals discuss the work of covering and creating news

Richard Allen Greene '91 and Martin Kaste '91

Carleton Connects: Elisabeth Steele Hutchison ’96 on feeling awesome

24 February 2021

A professional shares her tips for leveling up your Zoom game

Elisabeth Steele Hutchison '96. Photo by Neven Krcmarek | Unsplash (

Carleton Connects: Smith, Maxbauer, and Kallas on climate change

11 December 2020

Three professors (two at Carleton and one alumnus) discuss the effects of rocks, bacteria, and politics on the future of our climate

Dan Maxbauer, Kim Smith, and Toivo Kallas

Carleton Connects: Alex Knodell & Liza Davis ’16 on Greek archaeology

11 November 2020

A professor of classics and a former student discuss their excavations and investigations of ancient Greek societies

Professor Alex Knodell and Liza Davis '16

Carleton Connects: Andrea Mazzariello on collaboration and composition

21 April 2020

A professor of music talks about creating and collaborating with local youth and gives a live performance of his own work.

Asst. Prof. of Music Andrea Mazzariello

Carleton Connects: Matt Whited on energy storage and CO2 remediation

15 January 2020

A chemistry professor shares the results of his innovative, student-driven research on mitigating the effects of carbon dioxide.

Matt Whited, Associate Professor of Chemistry