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Carleton Connects: Kai Bird ’73 and J. Robert Oppenheimer

29 September 2023

Kai Bird ’73 is one of our nation’s preeminent biographers, and the movie Oppenheimer is based on his Pulitzer Prize–winning biography of the father of the atomic bomb. Join Kai for a…

Kai Bird '73

Carleton Connects: Chris Purdy ’88 and Elizabeth Master ’17 on global family planning

14 November 2022

Join Chris Purdy ’88 and Elizabeth Master ’17 for a conversation on the challenges and successes of promoting contraceptives, HIV/AIDS prevention, and family planning in more than 90 countries around the world.

headshots of two people

Carleton Connects: Michael Alvarez ’86 on election integrity

29 September 2022

Join prominent elections scholar R. Michael Alvarez ’86 for a conversation on the methods and the realities of our nation’s voting system.

photo of event speaker

Carleton Connects: Michael McNally & Native American religious freedom

21 September 2021

A professor of religion discusses the struggle to protect Native American sacred places and practices

Michael McNally, professor of religion

Carleton Connects: Jonathan Capehart ’89 on what matters now

13 October 2020

A preeminent journalist shares his thoughts on politics and the state of our nation

Jonathan Capehart '89 (from Facebook)

Carleton Connects: Richard Moss ’77 on science & climate change action

22 October 2019

A distinguished climate scientist and national policy advisor discusses new plans for integrating science and climate change adaptation

Richard Moss '77

Carleton Connects: Steven Schier on the Midterm Elections

2 November 2018

Join Carleton Connects as Steven Schier, Professor Emeritus of Political Science, discusses the upcoming midterm elections.

Steven Schier

Carleton Connects: David Kelliher ’86 on Public Policy and the Past

16 October 2018

Join Carleton Connects as we host David Kelliher ’86, Director of Govt. Relations and Public Policy at the Minnesota Historical Society.

David Kelliher '86, Dir. of Govt. Relations and Public Policy at MN Historical Society

Carleton Connects: Dev Gupta on Social Movements

16 November 2017

Join Carleton Connects as Professor Devashree Gupta, Political Science, shares her insights on social movements.

Professor Devashree Gupta

Carleton Connects: Al Montero on Understanding Cuba

5 October 2017

Learn about the history of the Cuban Revolution, the Cuban economy and its changes, and hear his perspective on current U.S.-Cuba relations.

Al Montero