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Carleton Connects: Kai Bird ’73 and J. Robert Oppenheimer

29 September 2023

Kai Bird ’73 is one of our nation’s preeminent biographers, and the movie Oppenheimer is based on his Pulitzer Prize–winning biography of the father of the atomic bomb. Join Kai for a…

Kai Bird '73

Carleton Connects: Adeeb Khalid and Central Asia

26 February 2023

Join professor Adeeb Khalid for a wide-ranging discussion of the cultural crossroads that forms the subject of his newest book, Central Asia: A New History from the Imperial Conquests to the Present.

photo of professor Adeeb Khalid

Carleton Connects: Mary Easter on writing, dance, and family

24 March 2021

An emerita professor discusses her new books, her family’s and our nation’s history, and her life in the arts

Mary Easter, professor emerita

Carleton Connects: Serena Zabin on The Boston Massacre: A Family History

18 February 2020

A professor of American history shares her groundbreaking new account of this famous event.

Serena Zabin, Professor of History

Carleton Connects: Noah Salomon on conflict in the Sudans

31 January 2019

Join Noah Salomon, Associate Professor of Religion, for a discussion of war and peace in the Sudans.

Noah Salomon, Dept. of Religion

Carleton Connects: Dev Gupta on Social Movements

16 November 2017

Join Carleton Connects as Professor Devashree Gupta, Political Science, shares her insights on social movements.

Professor Devashree Gupta

Carleton Connects: Al Montero on Understanding Cuba

5 October 2017

Learn about the history of the Cuban Revolution, the Cuban economy and its changes, and hear his perspective on current U.S.-Cuba relations.

Al Montero

Carleton Connects: David Tompkins on Syria

8 March 2017

“Syrian Refugees, the United States, & Europe”

David Tompkins

Carleton Connects: Professor Thabiti Willis, History

6 April 2016

“Challenging Representations of Early Twentieth-Century Black Pearl Divers Using Testimony of Enslaved East Africans & Their Descendants”

Thabiti Willis

Carleton Connects: Eric Hillemann, College Archivist

3 December 2013

Eric Hillemann, College Archivist, presents on his new book “A Beacon So Bright: The Life of Laurence McKinley Gould”

Carleton College Archivist Eric Hillemann and his recent book release