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Carleton Connects: Carolyn Fure-Slocum ’82 and the spiritual life of the college

24 March 2023

Join Chaplain Carolyn Fure-Slocum ’82 for a discussion of the college’s religious history and the roles of faith and practice at Carleton today.

Chaplain Carolyn Fure-Slocum

Carleton Connects: Nancy Braker ’81 on the Arb in spring

28 May 2022

Join Nancy Braker ’81 for a live walking tour of the Arb in all its spring glory.

Photo of event speaker

Carleton Connects: President Alison Byerly and the first hundred days

8 November 2021

Carleton’s new president discusses her first hundred days in office and her plans for the future

President Alison Byerly

Carleton Connects: Mary Easter on writing, dance, and family

24 March 2021

An emerita professor discusses her new books, her family’s and our nation’s history, and her life in the arts

Mary Easter, professor emerita

Carleton Connects: Treasures from the Special Collections

13 May 2020

Professors of art and English offer a staff-guided tour of Carleton’s hidden riches.

from Julie Chen,*Panorama* (Flying Fish Press, 2008). Used by permission.

Carleton Connects: Preventing & responding to campus sexual misconduct

3 December 2019

Carleton’s Title IX Lead Team members discuss the College’s newly expanded efforts to prevent and respond to sexual misconduct

Nora Peterson, Sexual Violence Prevention Coordinator

Carleton Connects: Art Rodriguez ’96 on Carleton and admissions

20 September 2019

Carleton’s new Dean of Admissions discusses where Carleton stands in the world of admissions and his own journey through higher education.

Art Rodriguez '96

Carleton Connects: Lysne and Lewis Muth on mental health and wellness

13 May 2019

Two directors discuss Carleton’s progress in promoting healthy minds and bodies among students, faculty, and staff.

Janet Lewis Muth

Carleton Connects: Bruce Dalgaard and Sabastian Mugazambi ’17

26 April 2017

“Entrepreneurship at Carleton, Inside and Outside the Classroom”

Bruce Dalgaard and Sabastian Mugazambi '17

Carleton Connects: Presidents Steven Poskanzer & David Anderson

8 March 2016

“Broadening the Bridge”: Carleton and St. Olaf Collaborations

Presidents Steven Poskanzer & David Anderson