Carleton Connects: Smith, Maxbauer, and Kallas on climate change

11 December 2020

This event took place on December 11, 2020.

What to do about climate change is a burning question in more ways than one. Join two Carleton professors and a distinguished alumnus for a wide-ranging discussion of the topic, including policy (what opportunities and challenges does the new political landscape provide?), carbon sequestration (can crushed rock help soils store CO2?), and sustainable fuel production (will algae save us all?).

About the speakers

Kim Smith, professor of environmental studies and political science, has taught at Carleton since 1999. The most recent of her six award-winning books is The Conservation Constitution: The Conservation Movement and Constitutional Change, 1870-1930 (University Press of Kansas, 2019), and she recently received the Lifetime Achievement Award from the Association for Environmental Studies and Sciences.

Dan Maxbauer is an assistant professor in Carleton’s geology department, where his courses include historical climate change and paleoclimatology. His dozens of published articles and presentations focus on the reconstruction of past climates through magnetic and geochemical analysis of sedimentary deposits.

Toivo Kallas ’70 is a distinguished professor emeritus of microbial genetics and biotechnology at the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh. He is a co-founder of Algoma Algal Biotechnology, LLC, and currently works with SolarClean Fuels, LLC, Arizona, on a USDA project to develop a potentially game-changing photobioreactor design for algal