Carleton Connects: Professor Greg Marfleet, Political Science

20 October 2014

Future Learning Technologies with Professor Greg Marfleet

From blended learning to MOOCs, Carleton’s strategic plan set out in 2012 to understand the best use of technology in its classroom. But where are we now? Under the direction of Greg Marfleet, Professor of Political Science and Chair of the Future Learning Technologies Group (FLTG), Carleton faculty and staff have been researching and collaborating to implement meaningful advancements in technology that complement Carleton’s unique teaching style. Are you curious as to what that means for learning on campus? Join Greg and Carleton Connects as he discusses the role of the FLTG and what Carleton is doing to provide an outstanding learning experience for its students.

This program took place on Monday, October 20, 2014

About the Speaker

Professor Marfleet completed his PhD at Arizona State University, in international relations and comparative politics. His dissertation was entitled “Taking Risks for War and Peace: Groups, Leaders and Crisis Behavior.” His work has appeared in Political Psychology, Foreign Policy Analysis and the Journal of Political Science Education. His courses include International Relations & World Politics, Methods of Political Research, Complexity in Politics, and American Foreign Policy.

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