Carleton Connects: Professor Cindy Blaha, Physics & Astronomy

13 December 2012

Have you ever wondered how astronomers take such beautiful pictures of the night sky?  Are you interested in the mechanics of how those pictures are taken? Do you ever wonder just what you are seeing as you stare up into the cosmos?  Join Carleton Connects for Professor Cindy Blaha’s presentation, “Visual Astronomy: There’s More Than Meets The Eye”.  Professor Blaha will take us on a tour through the December skies using images taken at Carleton in Goodsell Observatory and beyond. She will also discuss how astronomers create images of the moon and other cosmic entities as well as the science behind it. 

This program took place on Thursday, December 13, 2012

Professor Cindy Blaha teaches in the Department of Physics and Astronomy, where she is the Marjorie Crabb Garbisch Professor of the Liberal Arts.  She is an astrophysicist interested in the optical and radio properties of star formation and evolution in the disks and nuclei of spiral galaxies.