Carleton Connects: Prof. Adriana Estill, English & American Studies

15 April 2014

In shows as disparate as Ugly Betty, Modern Family, and House, U.S. primetime television has increasingly been interested in playing with genre by invoking Latin American telenovela conventions. How is the telenovela made visible? What relationship does it have to our national anxieties over Latino demographic growth? How is U.S. television mediating the way that we can and should know Latin America? Join Carleton Connects for Professor Adriana Estill’s presentation of “How and Why the Telenovela Haunts U.S. Primetime TV in the 21st c.”

Video links from this presentation:

Ugly Betty

30 Rock

This program took place on Tuesday, April 15, 2014

About the Speaker

Adriana Estill teaches courses on U.S. Latino/a literature and twentieth century American literature, especially poetry. She also teaches in the American Studies program. She has published essays on Sandra Cisneros and Ana Castillo and recently contributed to the Gale encyclopedia of Latino/a authors with scholarly entries on Sandra MarĂ­a Esteves and Giannina Braschi. Her interest in popular culture has led to published articles on Mexican telenovelas and their literary origins as well as to current research into the perceptions and constructions of Latina beauty in contemporary Latino literature and the mass media. Degrees: Stanford B.A.; Cornell, M.A., Ph.D.