Carleton Connects: President Alison Byerly and the first hundred days

8 November 2021

This event took place on November 8, 2021.

November 8 marks President Alison Byerly’s one hundredth day in office. Join our online conversation to hear her thoughts about Carleton today, and how we might think about the Carleton of the future. She’ll take questions from the audience as well.

About the speaker

Alison Byerly is Carleton’s 12th president. Before coming to Carleton, she served for eight years as the president of Lafayette College and was a faculty member, provost, and executive vice president at Middlebury College for 24 years. A scholar of Victorian literature and culture, President Byerly has also written and spoken extensively on the role of technology in higher education. A Carleton parent as well as President, Alison arrived with her husband Steve in August, and immediately immersed herself in deepening her understanding of our campus community and Carleton’s own approach to the liberal arts through genuine curiosity and love of intellectual engagement.