Carleton Connects: Kevin Draper ’10 & Seth Partnow ’99 on sports & storytelling

24 March 2020

Join Kevin Draper ’10 and Seth Partnow ’99 as they discuss their unconventional paths into sports journalism and the state of sports analytics: How much more do teams know than the public, why is the field so homogeneous, how to measure the unmeasurable, and much more.

This event took place on March 24, 2020.

About the Speakers

Kevin Draper ’10 is a reporter for The New York Times.  He covers the business of professional athletics, with hundreds of bylines on the leagues, owners, unions, stadiums, and media companies behind the games.  Before joining the Times in 2017, he was an editor at Deadspin, where he reported on ESPN and the sports media.

Seth Partnow ’99 writes about basketball and analytics for the in-depth online sports magazine The Athletic. He is the former Director of Basketball Research for the Milwaukee Bucks and was the co-founder of Nylon Calculus, a leading basketball analytics website.

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