Carleton Connects: Dev Gupta on Social Movements

16 November 2017

Join Carleton Connects as Professor Devashree Gupta, Political Science,shares her  insights on social movements and contemporary protest trends. Drawing on material from her new book, Protest Politics Today, she will provide some historical context for the seeming surge of protest activity over the past few years and talk about some of the strategic dilemmas and controversial choices that social movements make. Gupta, who came to Carleton in 2006, teaches many popular courses on comparative social movements, ethnic conflict, democracy and dictatorship, comparative nationalism, and 
separatist movements in addition to serving as coordinator of the international relations track.   

This program took place on Thursday, November 16, 2017

About the Speaker

Devashree Gupta received her PhD in Government from Cornell University. Her research focuses on issues of nationalism, social movements and protest, and political extremism, with a particular focus on the politics of Britain, Ireland, and South Africa.  She has published her work in Mobilization, PS: Political Science & Politics, Comparative Politics, and Comparative European Politics. She is currently working on a book manuscript that explores the dynamics of radicalization and competition in nationalist movements as well as smaller projects on social movement coalitions as well as the political engagement of diaspora and immigrant communities in Europe. She teaches the introductory class in comparative politics as well as courses on social movements, comparative nationalism, ethnic conflict, religion and politics, and research methods. Prof. Gupta is the coordinator of the international relations track.

To learn more about Professor Gupta, visit her profile here.