Carleton Connects: Cindy Blaha, Ryan Terrien ’09, and the Webb Telescope

20 December 2022

This event took place on December 14, 2022.

NASA’s James Webb Space Telescope is unlocking the secrets of the universe, from star formation and black holes to exoplanets and the search for life. Join Carleton professors Cindy Blaha and Ryan Terrien ’09 for an in-depth conversation on what we’ve learned and what’s to come.

Further sources provided by professors Blaha and Terrien:

About the speakers

Cindy Blaha is an astrophysicist interested in multiwavelength studies of star-forming regions and the impact of massive stars on the evolution of galaxies. Her current research is focused on an emission-line survey of galaxies in the Local Group, including M31, M33, and seven dwarf galaxies. She recently completed an NSF ADVANCE eAlliance project designed to create peer mentoring networks for women faculty in physics and astronomy. Cindy has been teaching at Carleton since 1987.

Astronomer Ryan Terrien ’09 has taught at Carleton since 2017. He is involved in NSF and NASA-supported efforts to develop and use new instruments to detect planets beyond our solar system. He is interested in pushing the limits of precision with these instruments, to ultimately enable the detection and characterization of small terrestrial planets like Earth.