Carleton Connects: Anita Chikkatur and solving social problems in Minnesota

15 February 2024

Who better to investigate and solve social problems than the people most affected by them? Join educational studies professor Anita Chikkatur for a conversation about ways that students, parents, and educators in Faribault, MN and elsewhere have learned about and pushed for change in their own increasingly diverse communities.

This event took place on February 8, 2024.

About the Speaker

Professor Anita Chikkatur

Anita Chikkatur is a professor of educational studies at Carleton, where she has taught since 2008. Her courses and her research incorporate student and teacher perspectives on race, gender, and sexuality and issues of diversity and difference in educational institutions. Funded by multiple grants from AmeriCorps, her community work supports Participatory Action Research in five Minnesota school districts in order to help local youth and adults advocate for structural change, especially in ways that create equity for immigrants and other marginalized groups. For more information, visit Carleton’s Participatory Action Research site.

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