Carleton Connects: Alex Knodell & Liza Davis ’16 on Greek archaeology

11 November 2020

This event took place on November 11, 2020.

Join classics professor Alex Knodell and doctoral student Liza Davis ’16 for a visual tour of ancient Greece from an archaeological perspective. They will share highlights from their recent fieldwork and scholarship and offer an overview of the rich history of archaeology at Carleton.

About the speakers

Associate Professor of Classics Alex Knodell has taught at Carleton since 2014 and co-directed the college’s Archaeology Program (with Mary Savina) since 2015. His research and archaeological fieldwork, focusing on Late Bronze Age and Early Iron Age Greece, form the basis of nearly three dozen articles as well as his forthcoming book, Societies in Transition in Early Greece: An Archaeological History. In addition to co-directing the Mazi Archaeological Project in central Greece, he co-directs the Small Cycladic Islands Project; Carleton students have collaborated extensively in both.

Liza Davis graduated cum laude from Carleton in 2016 with a geology major and concentrations in archaeology and Medieval and Renaissance Studies; she earned an MA with distinction in Mediterranean archaeology from University College London and is now a doctoral student in archaeology at Brown University. Her many interests include the Late Antique spread of Christianity in the eastern Mediterranean, geoarchaeology, environmental history, and the preservation and presentation of cultural heritage. She has participated with Professor Knodell in both the Mazi Archaeological Project and the Small Cycladic Islands Project.

Carleton Connects: Knodell and Davis on Greek archaeology