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Carleton Connects: Shaohua Guo, Asian Languages & Literatures

13 May 2016

“The Internet with ‘Chinese Characteristics’: Looking through the Cultural Lens”

Carleton Connects: Shaohua Guo

Carleton Connects: Julia Strand, Psychology

21 April 2016

“Why you’re a better listener than your smartphone: Context and visual cues in spoken word recognition”

Julia Strand

Carleton Connects: Professor Thabiti Willis, History

6 April 2016

“Challenging Representations of Early Twentieth-Century Black Pearl Divers Using Testimony of Enslaved East Africans & Their Descendants”

Thabiti Willis

Carleton Connects: Presidents Steven Poskanzer & David Anderson

8 March 2016

“Broadening the Bridge”: Carleton and St. Olaf Collaborations

Presidents Steven Poskanzer & David Anderson

Carleton Connects: Professor Kent Freeze, Political Science

14 January 2016

“Migration and Attitude Change in Contemporary China”

Kent Freeze

Carleton Connects: Kim Betz ’91, Director of the Career Center

18 November 2015

“Preparation for Life After Carleton”

Kim Betz '91

Carleton Connects: Paul Thiboutot, VP/Dean, Admissions & Financial Aid

12 November 2015

Admissions & Financial Aid at Carleton: A Conversation

Paul Thiboutot, Vice President and Dean of Admissions and Financial Aid

Carleton Connects: Fred Rogers ’72, Vice President & Treasurer

3 November 2015

Carleton in Context: The Cost of Higher Education

Fred Rogers '72

Carleton Connects: Professor Hicham Bou Nassif, Political Science

15 October 2015


Hicham Bou Nassif, Assistant Professor of Political Science

Carleton Connects: Professor Liz Raleigh, Sociology/Anthropology

14 May 2015

Less of a Transracial Adoption: The American Color Line & the Adoption of Asian, Hispanic, and Foreign-Born Black Children

Liz Raleigh