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Carleton Connects: Dev Gupta on Social Movements

16 November 2017

Join Carleton Connects as Professor Devashree Gupta, Political Science, shares her insights on social movements.

Professor Devashree Gupta

Carleton Connects: Al Montero on Understanding Cuba

5 October 2017

Learn about the history of the Cuban Revolution, the Cuban economy and its changes, and hear his perspective on current U.S.-Cuba relations.

Al Montero

Carleton Connects: Kelly Connole on collaborating through clay

16 May 2017

“Clay Collaborations: How Teaching and Practice Inform One and Other”

Kelly Connole

Carleton Connects: Bruce Dalgaard and Sabastian Mugazambi ’17

26 April 2017

“Entrepreneurship at Carleton, Inside and Outside the Classroom”

Bruce Dalgaard and Sabastian Mugazambi '17

Carleton Connects: Nelson Christensen on Gravitational Waves

21 March 2017

“Observing the universe with gravitational waves: from black holes to the Big Bang”

Nelson Christensen

Carleton Connects: David Tompkins on Syria

8 March 2017

“Syrian Refugees, the United States, & Europe”

David Tompkins

Carleton Connects: Nathan Grawe on Entrepreneurship at Carleton

10 February 2017

“Entrepreneurship at Carleton”

Faculty member Nathan Grawe

Carleton Connects: Beverly Jones Heydinger ’72 & Rebecca Sive ’72

7 December 2016

“Women in Public Leadership: What difference does it make?”

Beverly Heydinger '72 and Rebecca Sive '72

Carleton Connects: Barbara Allen on Election 2016

17 November 2016

“Political Science Reflections on Election 2016 with Professor Barbara Allen”

Barbara Allen

Carleton Connects: Brian Klaas ’08, Electoral Politics

6 October 2016

“Electoral Politics in the Post-Fact Age of Inequality”

Dr.Brian Klaas '08