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Carleton Connects: Matt Whited on energy storage and CO2 remediation

15 January 2020

A chemistry professor shares the results of his innovative, student-driven research on mitigating the effects of carbon dioxide.

Matt Whited, Associate Professor of Chemistry

Carleton Connects: Preventing & responding to campus sexual misconduct

3 December 2019

Carleton’s Title IX Lead Team members discuss the College’s newly expanded efforts to prevent and respond to sexual misconduct

Nora Peterson, Sexual Violence Prevention Coordinator

Carleton Connects: Rika Anderson ’06 on deep-sea hydrothermal vents

6 November 2019

A biology professor shares her latest research on the evolution of microbes in deep-sea vents

Assistant Professor of Biology Rika Anderson '06

Carleton Connects: Richard Moss ’77 on science & climate change action

22 October 2019

A distinguished climate scientist and national policy advisor discusses new plans for integrating science and climate change adaptation

Richard Moss '77

Carleton Connects: Art Rodriguez ’96 on Carleton and admissions

20 September 2019

Carleton’s new Dean of Admissions discusses where Carleton stands in the world of admissions and his own journey through higher education.

Art Rodriguez '96

Carleton Connects: Lysne and Lewis Muth on mental health and wellness

13 May 2019

Two directors discuss Carleton’s progress in promoting healthy minds and bodies among students, faculty, and staff.

Janet Lewis Muth

Carleton Connects: Ussery, Fortin, and Ondich on the Dakota language

16 April 2019

Linguistics and Computer Science professors team up with students to track, analyze, and improve Dakota language education.

Professors Cherlon Ussery, Cati Fortin, and Jeff Ondich

Carleton Connects: Jim McCorkell ’90 on improving access to college

21 March 2019

The founder of a hugely successful education-centered nonprofit discusses college access and success for lower-income students.

Jim McCorkell '90, founder and CEO of College Possible

Carleton Connects: Connole and Ottaway on the Public Works Initiative

12 February 2019

Professors Kelly Connole and Susannah Ottaway discuss a program that connects Carleton and its neighbors through the arts and humanities.

Susannah Ottaway '89, Professor of History

Carleton Connects: Noah Salomon on conflict in the Sudans

31 January 2019

Join Noah Salomon, Associate Professor of Religion, for a discussion of war and peace in the Sudans.

Noah Salomon, Dept. of Religion