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Carleton Connects: Brian Klaas ’08 on chaos, chance, and choice

22 May 2024

Everything may happen for a reason—just not the one you’re in charge of. If you want to join the fandom of the random, read Fluke: Chance, Chaos, and Why Everything We…

Brian Klaas

Carleton Connects: Kao Kalia Yang ’03 and the art of finding your voice

29 April 2024

Noted for her mesmerizing and heart-wrenching stories of family, immigration, and community, Kao Kalia Yang ’03 discusses her two newest books: Where Rivers Part, a story of her mother’s life, and The…

Kao Kalia Yang

Carleton Connects: Kathleen Ryor and botanical culture in premodern China

25 March 2024

Flowers, plants, and botanical knowledge were fundamental to the culture of sixteenth- and seventeenth-century China, as paintings, poetry, medicine, and manuals for elegant living all attest. Join art history and…

Professor Kathleen Ryor

Carleton Connects: Anita Chikkatur and solving social problems in Minnesota

15 February 2024

Who better to investigate and solve social problems than the people most affected by them? Join educational studies professor Anita Chikkatur for a conversation about ways that students, parents, and…

Professor Anita Chikkatur

Carleton Connects: Layla Oesper and fighting cancer with computer science

18 January 2024

Can a better understanding of cancer be unlocked by computer science? Hear from an award-winning professor how new algorithms help us understand and respond to the problems of genetic mutation.…

Layla Oesper

Carleton Connects: Kyle Burkhardt ’10, Eric Nyquist ’94, and the business of sports

7 December 2023

What does it take for a sport to succeed as a business? Join two alumni with nearly four decades of experience in the sports industry for a conversation on the…

Carleton sports fans cheering

Carleton Connects: Louis Newman and how to make the most of college

26 November 2023

What does it take to do well in college? How can incoming students prepare to thrive? And how can you best use your college education to prepare you for life…

Louis Newman

Carleton Connects: Cameron Davidson and Alaskan tectonics

26 October 2023

Thanks to plate tectonics, North America has been acquiring large chunks of real estate along its western margin for millions of years. Professor Cameron Davidson will show how modern geochronology…

Photo of a person with glasses wearing a gray collared shirt.

Carleton Connects: Kai Bird ’73 and J. Robert Oppenheimer

29 September 2023

Kai Bird ’73 is one of our nation’s preeminent biographers, and the movie Oppenheimer is based on his Pulitzer Prize–winning biography of the father of the atomic bomb. Join Kai for a…

Kai Bird '73

Carleton Connects: Larnzell Martin ’72 and the view from the judge’s bench

15 May 2023

We are a nation of laws — but what temperament does it take to apply those laws in the courtroom? Join trial judge Larnzell Martin ’72 for a wide-ranging conversation…