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Carleton Connects: Adeeb Khalid and Central Asia

26 February 2023

Join professor Adeeb Khalid for a wide-ranging discussion of the cultural crossroads that forms the subject of his newest book, Central Asia: A New History from the Imperial Conquests to the Present.

photo of professor Adeeb Khalid

Carleton Connects: Jeff Mow ’81, Therese Picard ’93, and our National Parks

25 January 2023

Two alumni with six decades of National Park System experience between them will offer a behind-the-scenes look at what it takes to keep our national parks’ visitors, neighbors, and inhabitants flourishing.

photo of clouds rolling across vista of national park

Carleton Connects: Cindy Blaha, Ryan Terrien ’09, and the Webb Telescope

20 December 2022

Join Carleton professors Cindy Blaha and Ryan Terrien ’09 for an in-depth conversation on NASA’s James Webb Space Telescope.

galaxy image

Carleton Connects: Seven voices for sustainability

14 November 2022

The global climate crisis demands a variety of responses, and Carls are stepping up. Join the conversation with a panel of Carleton alumni and staff who are making climate and sustainability central to their work through research, advocacy, art, education, and construction.

view of figure in distance looking across water at power lines

Carleton Connects: Chris Purdy ’88 and Elizabeth Master ’17 on global family planning

14 November 2022

Join Chris Purdy ’88 and Elizabeth Master ’17 for a conversation on the challenges and successes of promoting contraceptives, HIV/AIDS prevention, and family planning in more than 90 countries around the world.

headshots of two people

Carleton Connects: Michael Alvarez ’86 on election integrity

29 September 2022

Join prominent elections scholar R. Michael Alvarez ’86 for a conversation on the methods and the realities of our nation’s voting system.

photo of event speaker

Carleton Connects: Nancy Braker ’81 on the Arb in spring

28 May 2022

Join Nancy Braker ’81 for a live walking tour of the Arb in all its spring glory.

Photo of event speaker

Carleton Connects: Alex Kosanovich ’14 on accepting mentorship as an accelerator of aspirations

28 May 2022

Our speaker will discuss how his constant openness to accepting and seeking out mentors has led to success in research, skill building, and comfort in new environments.

Photo of event speaker

Carleton Connects: Mario Small ’96 on neighborhoods, financial access, and racial inequality

25 March 2022

A distinguished scholar of social networks and urban neighborhoods discusses the financial geography of our nation and the importance of race to the accessibility of conventional banks.

headshot of event speaker

Carleton Connects: The joy of knotty words

8 February 2022

Three New York Times crossword authors—professor, alum, and student—discuss puzzles, creativity, and collaboration

Sophia Maymudes' grid for The New York Times' crossword on December 6, 2018