• Milestone Reunion 2022 Update

    Please join your Reunion planning committee and more than 120 classmates in celebrating your 25th Reunion on campus during a special August gathering. Those dates again are August 5–7, 2022, and 1996’s weekend schedule is available.

    Online pre-registration is open through July 20; reservations are fully refundable until that date. While on-campus housing has filled, we are actively drawing from the housing waitlist and you may add your name when you register. There are also many local lodging options.

    The campus alert level for COVID-19 is currently low. In accordance with Carleton’s policies, all attendees of the August Reunion are required to be vaccinated and boosted (if eligible). Masks are optional on Carleton’s campus and extra masks will be available at indoor spaces during Reunion. Attendees who wish to eat meals outside will have the option to do so. See the college’s Covid-19 website for information about campus policies. View the latest research and recommendations from the CDC.

    Visit the Reunion website for details about the weekend, a list of classmates who have already signed up, and a secure registration link. Between now and Reunion, you can get updates and connect with classmates through the Class of 1970 website or the alumni directory.

    Please contact the Office of Alumni Relations or call 800-729-2586 / 507-222-4205 with questions about the Milestone Reunion. We hope to see you there!

  • Five Questions

    Approximately thirty-two months ago, our 25th reunion planning committee came together in Northfield to start initial planning for our milestone reunion. Many of us wanted to be on the committee because there’s something energizing about coming back to Carleton and (re)connecting with people and places. Although planning stretched out fourteen months longer than expected, our co-chairs kept our spirits up and kept focus on how wonderful it will be to finally come together again. As we get ready to submit the last NNB for this reunion cycle, Eryn and Brendan took the time to answer a few questions.

    Why did you volunteer to be a reunion committee chair?

    Brendan: You get to plan with lots of great Carleton people you may not have known well before and make new friends.

    Eryn:  I’ve been a Carleton volunteer for about 15 years. I’ve had so much fun and met so many great people. Chairing this committee is my last effort before I take a break.

    What word or phrase would you use to sum up two years of reunion planning?

    Eryn: Zoom

    Brendan: Zoom with a cocktail!

    What makes you smile when you think about a past reunion?

    Brendan: Catching up like it hasn’t been 20 years.

    Eryn: Groups of friends on Evan’s hill.

    What song, when you hear it, immediately transports you to your Carleton days?

    Brendan: Like a Prayer by Madonna

    Eryn: Send Me on My Way by Rusted Root

    What did you secretly want to do at reunion that didn’t make it into the final event?

    Eryn: Giant slip and slide (actually, I just thought of this).

    Brendan: I am totally with Eryn on that!  We need to make that happen before I get any older.

    What excites you about our 25th-ish reunion?

    Eryn: Laughing, dancing and being myself with a community of like-minded people in a special town that’s full of treasured memories.

    Brendan: An excuse to see people I haven’t been as good about staying in touch with as I should have been.  Maybe this time I will learn!

    As we wrote in that first newsletter “Carleton is more than a special place — it’s a shared and foundational experience and a one-of-a-kind community”. Twenty-five years is a long time but look forward to seeing many of you in person and holding the rest of you in our thoughts.

  • Vote for your favorite cocktail/mocktail!

    Throughout the months leading to last year’s virtual reunion, Evan Stoner and Danielle Logan created incredible cocktails and mocktails to keep us invigorated. Whether it was the classic Champagne Cocktail/Mocktail for New Year’s Eve or the “Last Word” and “Color-Changing Lemonade” as we got to the summer, reading the NNB for Danielle and Evan’s comments and secrets to making the drinks was just as much fun as having the drinks themselves. Ok, almost as much fun…

    To keep this going, vote for your favorite cocktail/mocktail and we’ll have it available in the class lounge at Reunion.  Will it be classic Grog and iced Caribbean Coffee?  The Negroni/NAgroni? Perhaps the Trinidad Sour and Mockarita Punch?

    As we have seen oh so often recently, every vote counts, so vote early, and vote often!