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15 March 2023

A New Public-facing Page for the Class of ’74

Some members of the Class of ’74 have maintained a Facebook group for interested classmates since the 40th reunion. It is filled with updates about classmates, photos, and news about Carleton, but the group page required classmates to log in to a Facebook account to view the content or participate in discussions. New for the 50th reunion is a Facebook page that can be viewed by anyone without having to log into Facebook.

The function and the content will be similar to the private Facebook group, but the hope is that this new site will be more inviting to those people who choose not to be active in social media sites. In the coming months, this new page will feature photos, Reunion updates, trivia contests, and other information related to the reunion weekend in June 2024. Here is a link so you can take a look:

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