Join Us June 16-19 for a Weekend of Reconnection, Reflection, Exploration

28 March 2022
By Marge Crowley and Bill Kuhlmann, Program Committee Co-Chairs

Fifty years after our graduation, Carleton is eager to welcome us back for a celebration of the students we were and the adults we have become. The Program Committee has created a mix of offerings that will arouse our curiosity and stimulate our senses while giving everyone plenty of time to renew old friendships and make new ones. As you look through the schedule, available at, you’ll find a wide variety of alumni college topics to explore and opportunities to revisit the places where we studied, played, and made connections that still matter. You will also notice two themes — Keeping Nature in Our Lives and Music — that are woven through much of the programming our class will contribute.

Keeping Nature in Our Lives
Among the weekend offerings are:

  • Stargazing on the Hill of Three Oaks with David Davis-Van Atta,
  • An Alumni College lecture on Climate Change and Sustainability at Carleton,
  • John Hart and Teresa Butler Hart ‘73 discussing their five decades of conservation work in Africa, and
  • A Sound Walk led by David Powell, a chance to explore the campus in a new way.

Speaking of sound, the second thread centers on music and there’ll be plenty of it to spark memories or reveal the talents of our classmates.

  • After dinner with President Byerly on Thursday evening, we can join in a Singalong with Marc Reigel ’67 and Friends or head back to Watson and enjoy selections from the Class of ’72 reunion playlist.
  • Friday offers a morning lecture on Motown and an evening Acoustic Jam with Class of ’72 and Friends.
  • Saturday has an All-Class “Return to Spring” Concert at 1 p.m. and a Class of ’72 and Friends Musical Medley featuring James Dunham (a Grammy winner!) and Winifred Ramsey Swarr, among others.
  • We will conclude the weekend with the traditional Alumni Service of Remembrance and Celebration in Skinner Memorial Chapel.

What Else??

  • Bill Lyons and Becca Brackett will host a panel on innovative housing alternatives that meet our needs as we age.
  • Our class will present a record-setting contribution to the college at Saturday’s Alumni Convocation.
  • There will be plenty of time for long talks with friends, nostalgic walks around campus, and remembering those years that shaped us, helping to make us who and what we are today.

We hope you will be with us.

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