Hey, would you look at that!

28 March 2022

Six new Heywood Society members!

That’s right! Since February six more members of the class have made planned gifts to the college and become members of the Joseph Lee Heywood Society. Their gifts will not only help the college in the future, but they will also help incoming Carleton students right now — thanks to an amazing challenge offered by Greg Melville ‘72 and Susan Fox. They’re donating $7,200 to the Get Started Initiative for every new 1972 member!

And that’s not all! If we reach 72 Heywood Society members in our class (there are now 60), Greg and Susan will donate an additional $72,000 to the fund. Win / win / win!

Learn more about how to join the Heywood Society and for information on the many easy ways there are to become a member. You can express your gift as a lump sum or a percentage of your estate — and there is no minimum contribution.

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