Join us for the Class of 1972 50th Reunion:
June 16–19, 2022!

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1972 Co Chair Zoobook

Ann Iijima and Greg Melville

1972 Outreach Zoobook

Row 1: Nancy Ashmore, Shirley Anderson Brantingham, Ken Cliffer, Susan Cushman*, James Dunham
Row 2: Galia Goodman, Jonathan Ice, Betty Ann Schober Johnson, Thomas Lovett, Averial Nelson
Row 3: Mary Lindahl Peterson, Rebecca Gilles Richardson*, Fred Rogers*, John Vogel, Karin Winegar

1972 Program Zoobook

Row 1: Elizabeth Brackett, Margaret Crowley*, Ellen Deason, Bill Kuhlmann*, Todd Lund
Row 2: William Lyons, Patricia MacCorquodale, John Ophaug, David Powell, Don Rawitsch
Row 3: Mary Savina, Stanley Seltzer

1972 Gift Zoobook
Larnzell Martin

Row 1: Jane Dillinger Bannor, Tom Boe, Nancy Dixon, Jeff Harbaugh, Mark Haugland
Row 2: Pamela Muelhaupt Johnson*, Glenn McDavid, Daniel Peterson Trish Hunt Preheim, Jane Prohaska
Row 3: Stephen Raish, Richard Roberts, Caesar Sweitzer*, Roger Trangsrud*, Bruce Zuraw
Row 4: Larnzell Martin (Trustee Advisor)