Stunning weather and awesome camaraderie made reunion weekend 2015 memorable. We bonded with close friends and with some we hadn’t seen in 45 years. We discussed education, retirement, politics and journalism in panels with our classmates. We had dinner with Bard Smith, Jerry Mohrig, Bob Bonner, Bob Tisdale, Perry Mason, Fred Easter, and Pat Lamb. To those of you who attended, many thanks. To those who couldn’t make it, we missed you and hope to see you in five years.

We had fun this year. Dances, folk-singing, tours, and plenty of time to climb up the Hill of Three Oaks. Particularly notable: Rush Holt joined Washington insiders from other classes to talk about politics and journalism. Joe Nathan, Mike Lovett, Jennifer George and Kaye (Williams) White gave their perspectives on education today. Margit (Carson) Johnson, Tim Preheim, Diane (Perry) Hinton and others hosted a dynamite discussion about where we are and where we are going from here – “Living with Purpose.” Roc Ordman led folk dancing. Marc Reigel of the Night Crawlers was back for a sing-along Thursday evening. Beth (Boosalis) Davis and Jon Blue received college awards at Convocation.