Zoom calls into the future

On May 10, the alumni office hosted another of our quarterly class Zoom chats.  We had about 25 classmates from New York to Wisconsin to Oregon to Hong Kong and beyond.  If we want to continue these calls, we’ll need to branch out on our own.    We can handle it.  Some of us have free Zoom accounts (40 minutes maximum) and others probably have professional accounts that permit unlimited calls.  The alumni office has kindly offered to set up a Google Groups e-mail list that will allow us to plan for the calls and notify participants of the log-in information.  If you want to be part of that group, please send your name and e-mail address to Zoe Ingersoll at zingersoll@carleton.edu. We’ll schedule a first call for the early fall. 

Our class already has a couple of ongoing chats, including one on democracy and another on Carleton’s IDE (inclusion, diversity, and equity) efforts. We hope those will continue as well, catalyzed by a great get-together in Northfield in August.

Virtual Reunions brought us together.

We were glad to see good participation from our class in the joint 20+21 virtual reunion in June 2021 and our 50th virtual reunion on June 20, 2020.   Recordings of many of the online events can be found on the Reunion website.  Be sure to read the press release from the college announcing our class gift that set a new record for 50th Reunion giving!