Reunion Program and Outreach Committee Form

  • Committee Roles

  • Who will serve as Program Chair(s)?
  • Who will serve as Outreach Coordinator(s)?
  • Who will serve as Social Media Coordinator(s)?
  • Who will be the coordinator of Alumni Association Award and ‘C’ Club Hall of Fame nominations? (The deadline for submitting nominations is November 15.)
  • Which classmates, if any, are you considering nominating for any of these awards?
  • Who will be the author of the fall “Save the Date” class communication?
  • Who will be the author of the winter class communication?
  • Who will be the author of the spring class communication?
  • Committee Meetings

    Committees work most successfully with a regular monthly call schedule (e.g., the second Tuesday of every month at 4 p.m. Central). Recurring calls set outside of business hours may not always have a staff member available.

  • What is your committee’s call schedule?
  • Reunion Weekend and Event Planning

    The Reunion schedule features many independently organized programs and evening entertainment events (e.g., Alumni College, tours, open houses, bands, etc.). Program committees at CAVE are encouraged to brainstorm general ideas for events without focusing on the details of scheduling or location.

    Please provide information on your provisional class program ideas for your Reunion, including a description, expected length, and the name(s) of committee members who will coordinate the event.

    For example:

    Program title: Carl Talks
    Event Description: TED-style talks featuring classmates sharing their unique experiences
    Duration: One hour
    Coordinator: Myra Brown

    Program title: Scavenger Hunt
    Event description: All-campus scavenger hunt based on memories from our time on campus
    Duration: One and a half hours
    Coordinator: James Dow
  • What are your preliminary class program ideas?
  • What is your Reunion attendance goal (as a number, and as a percentage of your class)? Reunion records
  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.