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The Alumni Admissions Representative Program partners enthusiastic alumni with the admissions office, to share our Carleton stories, to elevate the college’s national reputation, and to attract and recruit an applicant pool that enhances the character of Carleton in the quality, depth, and diversity of the student body. 


We promote alumni connections, to the College and to each other, via individual and collective engagement with prospective students and their families. In addition to communicating our personal knowledge of Carleton to prospective students, we also provide students with resources that highlight experiences they may have or are seeking, even if different from our own. In this way, AARs help prospective students understand how Carleton, one of the very best liberal arts colleges in the country, may fit into their plan for achieving their life and career goals.

Carleton’s Mission & Vision (as a whole)

Volunteer Activity Objectives

The AAR role is focused on five objectives:

  1. Be Curious
    Reflect & connect with prospective students. You have wisdom about Carleton to share, but a first step is to listen for who prospective students are, what distinct stories they bring, and what they are seeking in a school.
  2. Be a Trusted Resource
    Contact prospective students, and, upon request, provide a conversational interview experience to help them evaluate whether Carleton is a good fit. Be candid in your depiction of Carleton. Acknowledge the biases implicit in your perspective, and work to compensate for them. 
  3. Represent Carleton
    Attend college fairs to represent Carleton and share with prospective students the many opportunities at Carleton. Additionally, organize, host or attend gatherings for prospective students and their families in order to recruit and offer information in a warm, personalized setting.
  4. Recruit Widely and Intentionally 
    Provide additional support to underrepresented students, and offer to connect them to additional information about Carleton. Consider putting them in touch with alums from similar racial, geographic, or socioeconomic backgrounds who may be able to answer some of their questions in an even more nuanced way. 
  5. Stay Updated
    Educate yourself about what Carleton is like today, paying special attention to what has changed since you left, and aspects of Carleton life that you may never have known or known well.


Contact Prospective Studentsspread the word about Carleton

Interviews—help prospective students learn more about Carleton. Help Admissions learn more about prospective students. 

College Fairsattend a college fair in your area

Gathering and Eventshost, assist in planning or attend

Recruiting Underrepresented Studentsspread the word about Carleton to diverse audiences, including students of color. 

AAR Board for 2023-2024 Admissions Cycle

  • Nosipho Beaufort ’01, Stone Mountain, GA
  • Kevin Bui ’24, Portland, OR
  • Chase Garcia ’19 Minneapolis, MN
  • Ella Peoples ’25 Halifax, NC
  • Ross Chavez ’01 Minneapolis, MN (Co-Chair)
  • Monica Welke ’10 Madison, WI
  • Sally Davis Ellwein ’94, Pittsburgh, PA (Co-Chair)
  • Jevon Robinson ’22, Boston, MA
  • Dick Trent ’88, Palatine, IL
  • Dana Mackey ’12, New York, NY
  • Raba Tefera ’21, Birmingham, AL
  • Ruth Helgerud ’93, The Woodlands, TX
  • Mike Guritz ’15, Kamuela, HI
  • Nick Leeke ’18, Minneapolis, MN

AAR Staff