Carleton is pleased to announce that applications are now being accepted for the Carleton College Alumni Business Fellowship Program, which was established in 1984 by an extraordinary gift from the late Charles Lofgren, Sr. ’27. The award was conceived as an incentive for Carleton alumni who wish to undertake an intensive mid-career business education program to expand their horizons and leadership roles within the for-profit sector of the economy.

The fellowships are intended to encourage alumni to consider educational opportunities (typically an M.B.A.) that might not be possible under other circumstances. Full-time study or intensive programs such as an executive M.B.A. are two options frequently proposed in previous competitions. You are encouraged to apply for a Fellowship if the parameters of the program fit your situation.

Fellowship awards will cover partial tuition and fees as required for the program of study. In addition, other costs deemed appropriate by the committee, such as transportation or housing, may also be considered if they are necessary to make the program feasible. Receipt of this award may allow you the flexibility to consider a program more geographically distant but of superior quality and greater range than programs nearer your home.

The letter of application should include a resume of your career, a few references for the selection committee to contact, and the proposed course of study and institutions to which you will apply for acceptance. You should indicate how the course of study you propose would be of benefit to you at this stage in your career and how you believe it would contribute to your ability to solve major problems confronting your company, the corporate sector as a whole and/or the larger economy.

Fellowship awards will be made contingent on your acceptance into an appropriate institution and course of study. All application materials are due no later than Friday, September 16, 2022. Candidates selected for in-person interviews should be available for travel to Minneapolis on Friday, December 2, 2022.

Shortly after creating this program at Carleton, Mr. Lofgren died quite unexpectedly. His hope was to make a major difference in the lives of Carleton alumni, who through their careers could in turn have a significant impact on the future of this country. The College, in its administration of this endowment, seeks to foster Mr. Lofgren’s vision and wishes to attract to this program alumni with the potential to provide more productive leadership in the business world. Carleton is delighted to have this opportunity to be of continued service to its alumni and celebrates the way in which Mr. Lofgren’s philanthropy continues to impact the Carleton community.