In general, successful applicants will be Carleton alumni 30–45 years of age who are established in a business career. Applicants should provide to the Selection Committee (composed of Carleton faculty, staff, and alumni business executives):

  1. A résumé of their career since Carleton;
  2. The reasons why they believe a fellowship award of this kind would benefit them and their companies, and how such mid-career study would affect their ability to contribute to solving problems of the corporate sector; and
  3. A proposed institution and course of study (Fellowships typically cover all or a portion of tuition, fees, and related costs for up to two years of study).

Alumni/alumnae interested in making an application to the program should send their materials by email to:


If you have questions about the Alumni Business Fellowship Program, please contact the Office of External Relations by telephone at 507-222-4199 or by email at