The Williams-Harris Endowed Prize in Africana Studies was established in 1998 on history professor Harry Williams’s 50th birthday to honor his mother, Edith Moselle Harris Williams (1931–1992); his grandmother, Patsy Harris Tunson (1914–1998); and his great-aunt, Ellen Harris Brooks (1909–1998).

This prize recognizes their respect for the transformative power of education, the vast richness of their life experiences, and the strength of their characters. The prize recognizes a member of the senior class who has produced a distinguished integrative exercise on any aspect of the African American experience in the New World. 

Contact:  Deborah Appleman, Professor of Educational Studies

Williams-Harris Prize Winners

  • 2021, William G. Gleason, French and Francophone Studies, History
  • 2019, Ezra D. Sergent-Leventhal, History
    2019, Mara R. Blumenstein, Political Science
  • 2018, Clara E. Hazlett-Norman, Sociology/Anthropology
    2018, Josephine R. Naron, History
  • 2017, Isabel S. Storey, Political Science/International Relations
  • 2016, Dawn J. Thomas, Sociology-Anthropology
  • 2015, Lindsey K. Walters, History
    2015, Rebecca K. Spiro, History
  • 2014, Winona Weindling, Political Science, Educational Studies
  • 2012, Rachel A. Foran, Religion
    2012, Nicholas J. Bellos, History
  • 2011, Jesse S. Rothman, Political Science/International Relations
  • 2010, Andrea N. Donahue, History
  • 2009, Temara J. Holt, Women’s and Gender Studies
    2009, Alexander Persaud, History/South Asian Studies
  • 2008, John K. Bardes, History
  • 2007, Amelia M. Hintzen, History
    2007, Christopher S. Courneen, Black Cultural Identities and Dance
  • 2005, Elliot Landon James, History
  • 2003, Brendan R. O’Connell, History
  • 2002, Sarah C. Frazzini Kendrick, American Studies