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Travel Aid

We’re delighted that you’d like to visit campus! We have a strong commitment to access and understand that many students may not have the resources to travel to Carleton. The Office of Admissions has limited need-based funds to support travel to Northfield. Read on to learn how to make the most of your visit to campus. Please note that for spring 2024, travel aid is only awarded to admitted students. We encourage prospective students to apply for the travel aid in the summer, fall, or early winter.

Do I qualify for travel aid?

Some admitted students have been pre-approved for travel aid.

Did you receive a campus visit travel aid postcard or see that you were awarded travel aid on your applicant status page? Great! You’ve been pre-approved based on the information we have about you. Students who have been awarded travel aid are able to book travel on their own and get reimbursed afterward, or we’re happy to help you organize your travels and cover the cost upfront.

If you did not receive a travel reimbursement postcard in the mail or receive an email from the Office of Admissions, you have not been approved for a travel aid and we will not be able to reimburse your travel costs. If you have questions about this, please contact us.

When do I receive travel aid and when should I visit?

As an admitted student, you have until May 1 to visit campus and submit your receipts. We strongly encourage you to attend our Carl Days Open Houses on April 12 or 19. If neither of those days work for you, we’re offering a full calendar of visit days for admitted students.  Make sure that you register ahead of your visit, unless we’re booking travel on your behalf.

You can submit your receipts as soon as you’ve made your travel plans. We encourage you to upload a PDF or Word Doc of your receipts through our online form. We’ll process your reimbursement after your visit, and we use a direct deposit reimbursement system that allows us to reimburse funds directly into your bank account. Keep in mind this process can be time-sensitive and requires you to keep a close eye on your email for login information.

Submit your receipts

What does my travel aid go towards?

We’ll cover the cost of travel for you and one guardian to visit campus this spring. We will reimburse:

  • economy-class ticket on a plane, bus, or train
  • mileage (if you drive)
  • lodging, for up to two nights

For reference, the average cost per person was between $400-$600 for students who visited last spring. You should anticipate spending about that amount on your transport and lodging. Carleton will not reimburse first or comfort-class tickets, luxury hotels, and additional travel expenses.

What can I do during a visit to campus?

Whether you visit during Carl Days or on another day in April, you’ll be able to take a tour of campus, meet with an admissions officer, and explore downtown Northfield. We also offer opportunities to sit in on classes and eat in our dining halls. Please be sure to check our visit calendar for the most up-to-date information on visit offerings and current campus policies.

How do I get to campus?

We hope it’s no surprise that we aren’t next door to the airport. Our campus is located in the charming town of Northfield, about 45 minutes south of MSP Airport. There are daily buses between the Twin Cities and campus. Read on to learn more about how to actually get to campus.

If you’re planning on visiting during Carl Days, we’ll have special shuttle options for students staying at a number of hotels around MSP Airport. For more information, check out this page.

Who can I contact for help?

It’s okay to have questions – we’re here to help. You can send us an email or give us a call (507-222-4190).

If you are solely relying on travel aid to support your travel to campus, we’ll take care of the bookings and cover the cost upfront. Refer to your applicant portal or email for the campus visit request form, where you can share your travel preferences with us.

Please be aware that if you’re traveling by yourself and haven’t turned 18 years old, you will not be able to reserve a hotel room by yourself. Please contact us for additional support.

We can’t wait to meet you!