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Arrange an Interview

Interviews give us an opportunity to chat with you more about your interest in Carleton. We do not require our applicants to have an interview.

We interview high school students from May of junior year through mid-January of their senior year. Please contact our office by mid-December of your senior year to arrange your interview.

Transfer students have a later application deadline. As a result, they can generally interview in our office starting around the middle of March.

Don’t panic if you miss the deadline: there are plenty of students who come to Carleton without having an admissions interview.

You can request a virtual interview here! High school juniors can start interviewing in May, and we conduct interviews through mid-January of your senior year. High school students should contact our office by mid-December to schedule an interview. If you are unable to find an interview time that works for your schedule, rest assured that other interview options are available.

Our Alumni Admissions Reps (AARs) are eager to interview prospective students! You can request an interview here. Our Admissions Office will provide you with contact information so you and the matched alumni rep can arrange an interview at a mutually convenient time. Please know that interviews with AARs are just as important to our admissions process as those conducted by admissions staff at Carleton, so you should feel confident in selecting this option.