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Accepted Student Experience

Congratulations on your acceptance to Carleton!

We are so excited to have you considering Carleton! Over the coming weeks, we have a line-up of online events just for admitted students and their families. We hope through these programs to show you the community and connection that define Carleton. You can expect to hear from current students, recent graduates, as well as faculty and staff. There will be many opportunities for you to ask questions and to connect with your potential future professors, classmates, and friends. Ultimately, we hope to help you gain a deeper sense of life as a Carl as you decide whether Carleton is the right college for you.

Online Events

Accepted Student Experience Kickoff
A warm welcome from Vice President and Dean of Admissions and Financial Aid Art D. Rodriguez ’96 followed by a brief introduction to how to get up and running in Carleton’s New Student Launchpad.

Topical Information Panels
These sessions focus on particular topics in greater depth than is possible in an information session. Whether you want to meet professors, hear about post-grad career opportunities, or learn about something else entirely, we intend these to offer more detail on specific resources at Carleton.

Panels for Parents & Guardians 
A chance to meet parents of current Carleton students as well as young alumni, and to learn from their experience.

Additional Online Resources

Join New Student Launchpad
Use the unique link emailed to you to login, create your profile, and start getting to know your future classmates, faculty members, and support staff. Note: Your parent(s)/guardian(s) will also get an invite—be sure you all use your secure and unique invite link!

Sign up for a virtual student host
While we can’t currently offer to host you for an overnight visit, requesting a student host is still a great way to chat one-on-one with a current student.

Get an insider’s perspective from our admissions bloggers
This is one of our most popular admissions pages, and for good reason. Our student bloggers give a first-hand account of everything from dorms to seasons to balancing classwork with their favorite extracurricular activities.

Take an on-demand virtual tour of campus
Explore campus from your computer or mobile device through our newly launched virtual tour. See some of our favorite campus spots and watch videos showcasing Carleton traditions to help determine whether this might be the place for you.

Virtual tour

See photos of campus on Instagram
Follow @carletoncollege for photos of campus, student takeovers, mobile wallpapers and more. 

Policy on visiting campus
Out of safety for our on-campus community, we’re unable to host admitted students and their families on campus and Carleton is discouraging visitors during the pandemic. However, if you choose to come to campus please know that our community covenant is explicit that no guests are permitted in campus buildings. The expectation of everyone on campus is that masks are worn at all times and that you remain physically distanced (at least 6 feet) from anyone not in your immediate family or pod. 

In order to mitigate COVID-19 risk to our students, staff, and faculty, in addition to those who might be choosing to travel, we are offering a wide array of virtual visits for admitted students, fully detailed above. Again, congratulations! We can’t wait to introduce you to Carleton.