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Greetings, Khaleesi
The fearsome stapler Khaleesi, guarded by fire-breathing staple removers

Greetings, Khaleesi

Illustration by Jon Reese

The Carleton librarians are beloved for their ability to introduce stress-busting levity into Gould Library’s rigorous academic environment.

They have their own trading cards, post lighthearted noise guidelines for each of the Libe’s four levels, and even assign personalities to their office supplies. To wit: Khaleesi, the Libe’s newest stapler, who was introduced to patrons in the fall via this Game of Thrones–inspired bio:

“We’re not really sure what happened to Jasper. He’s nowhere to be found. We did find some charred bits of plastic and some twisted metal parts with what look like dragon teeth marks on them, but who knows what that’s about.

“Shortly after Jasper disappeared, this new stapler showed up and was pretty insistent that we call her Khaleesi. She says she has many names and also claims to be the ‘Mother of Staplers,’ so…

“She says she’s here to help us, but she also marched into the library with a pretty scary posse of paper clips, binder clips, and golf pencils. We’re just going to do whatever she says.

“Khaleesi’s first decree is: ‘Only staple up to 20 pages at a time (or else). Send bigger stapling jobs to Butch at the Research/IT Desk.’ I’d listen to her if I were you.”