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Frisbee is one of the most popular activities at Carleton. All students receive their first Carleton Frisbee in the annual New Student Week Frisbee toss, and many hold on to it through graduation.

Ultimate Frisbee is also a competitive club sport here. The game works like this: teams toss a disc between players, moving it down the field until it is knocked down by the opposing team or caught in the end zone for a score. The Carleton student body’s devotion to Ultimate is immense. Carleton’s most serious squads—CUT (men’s), Syzygy (women’s), CHOP (men’s), and Eclipse (women’s)—are often contenders for the national championships.

Prefer to toss one around just for the fun of it? You’ll be in good company. Head for the Bald Spot, where you can find someone to share a friendly toss-and-catch almost any sunny day.

Check out the video to see our teams perform at the Ultimate Frisbee Nationals.