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After Graduation

Carleton alumni bring independence, dedication, and a healthy dose of humor to everything they do. They are creative thinkers who possess the ability to develop innovative solutions to today’s challenging problems.

The Sky’s the Limit

Whether they major in physics or English, Carleton students embark on a variety of career paths. The beauty of a liberal arts education means that you can apply your knowledge and skills to almost any job anywhere. Your Carleton education will help you land your first job — and prepare you to succeed in every stage of your career.

Learn more about the career exploration programs we offer through Carleton’s Career Center.

What are they up to?

We surveyed alumni from the classes of 1990-2013 about the place where they currently work. Here’s what we found:

  • 17% work at universities, four-year colleges, or two-year colleges
  • 11% work in education outside of colleges and universities (elementary schools, secondary schools, etc.)
  • 11% work in health care, including non-profit clinics
  • 8% work in banking or consulting
  • 6% work in law or legal services
  • 5% work at non-profit organizations (excluding those already listed above)
  • 4% work with computers and information systems
  • 4% work in entertainment and media
  • 4% work in federal government
  • 3% work in retail or wholesale trade
  • 2% work in research labs
  • 1% work in state government

And so on, down the list. In other words… you’ll find Carleton alumni working just about everywhere. Take a look at Pathways to learn more about the paths our alumni take after Carleton.

We’ll Help You Take On the World

Carleton alumni are leaders, innovators, and change-makers.

Carls for Life

Carleton alumni stay connected to the college long after they leave campus. They extend the Carleton community far beyond Northfield, helping current students (and one another) find their way in the world. Whether they’re sharing career advice and opportunities, connecting over a meal, or offering visitors a place to stay, our alumni never waiver in their dedication to supporting fellow Carls.

We offer numerous opportunities for you to connect with alumni while you’re a student, and after you graduate. We have active alumni groups in all major U.S. cities, and a few international ones, too. When you’re a Carl, connection and community are always near by.