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Student Staff

Schiller Society

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Jancyn Appel ’23

Special Projects

Hometown: Kansas City, MO
Political Science (minors in Spanish, Public Policy, and Music Performance – Pipe Organ)

Jancyn (she/her/hers) plays on the women’s varsity volleyball team, serves as the president of CSA (student senate), and is the founder of the Black Student-Athletes of Carleton. In her senior year, she will be working on her COMPS and law school applications. This will be Jancyn’s third year working in admissions as the Special Projects Coordinator, and she’s excited to connect with y’all about activities, experiences, and studies here at Carleton. It’s always a great day to be a knight!


Zoë Bonnell ’23

Tour Guide Coordinator

Hometown: South Bend, IN
Major: Sociology/Anthropology

Zoë (she/her/hers) participates in myriad activities on campus including sociology research, SoAn departmental advising, club soccer, and blogging for the Admissions Office. If you’ve ever wondered what the 48th digit of Pi (π) is, Zoë is your best reference; she can recite the first 60 digits!

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Ren Manuel ’24

Ambassador Programming

Hometown: Murphy, NC
Majors: Studio Art & Art History

Ren (they/them) can always be found wandering around in the Arb, in line for coffee, or staring intently at art in the Weitz Center for Creativity or Boliou Hall. They are the QuestBridge co-president, and are involved with the Office of Accessibility Resources, the Gender and Sexuality Center, and TRIO/SSS.

Karina Suwal ‘23

Karina Suwal ’23

Special Projects

Hometown: Sammamish, WA
Major: Biology (minor in Neuroscience)

Karina (she/her/hers) is a member of Carleton’s Nordic Skiing Club, CPA (Carleton Pre-Health Association), and the Meerts Lab. She speaks French and can even recite the Toni Colette monologue from the 2018 film “Hereditary.”

Tour Guides

Aleia Johnson

Aleia Johnson ’24

Hometown: Rochester, MN
Major: Political Science/International Relations

Around campus you’ll find Aleia (she/her/hers) competing on the varsity swim & dive team, dancing in Synchrony II, and crafting (Aleia also up-cycles clothes!). Her favorite spot on campus is the Gould Library (aka “the Libe”) – be sure to ask her which floor is her favorite!

Alice Cutter ’24

Alice Cutter ’24

Hometown: New York City, NY
Major: Computer Science

Alice (she/her/hers) is a member of the Women’s Cross-Country team and the Women’s Track and Field team at Carleton. She is also a member of Cujokra — Carleton’s premier improvised comedy troupe, and the oldest existing comedy group on campus! Fun fact about Alice, she has swum in every body of water at Carleton!

allison penn

Allison Penn ’25

Hometown: Downers Grove, IL

Allison (she/her/hers) is involved! She plays club tennis, is involved in intramural ultimate (her team is NOVA), competes on Carleton’s Model United Nations team, and works in the Alumni Relations Office.  Allison chose Carleton for the amazing people!  Her amazing fact? She listens to Christmas music year-round.

A student outdoors on a mountain top smiling towards the camera and holding a peace sign

Angelina Pius ’24

Hometown: Lexington, KY
Major: Political Science (minor in Gender, Women, and Sexuality Studies)

Angelina (she/her/hers) is a lover of the outdoors. From having travelled more than 15,000 miles in solo road trips to loving the beauty of downtown Northfield (in any weather!) or by leading trips with Carleton’s Association of Nature and Outdoor Enthusiasts (aptly named, CANOE), Angelina is an adventurer at heart. When not outside, Angelina is either volunteering with the Food Recovery Network or playing the oboe in Carleton’s band (or maybe she’s at the Goodhue Superlounge!)

Bre Moore

Bre Moore ’24

Hometown: Atlanta, GA
Major: Psychology

Bre (she/her/hers) loves spending her time in the Sayles Hill Camps Center (seriously, her roommates say she lives there!). You may also find Bre hanging out in the Ground Evans lounge, dancing in Krush, playing lacrosse on the club team, or serving as the publicity chairwoman of QuestBridge board. Regardless of where you find Bre, you’ll also find her stuffed penguin, Squeakumz, who goes everywhere with her!


Carolina Cabanela ’25

Hometown: Moorhead, MN

Around campus, Carolina (she/they) is involved in ballroom dancing, technical theater, social dance, and Carleton’s music community. Carolina loves their social dance community because everyone is so nice! And, if you’re looking for a book recommendation, just ask! Carolina would be thrilled to give you their thoughts on one of their most recent reads.


Henry Moshfeghi ’25

Hometown: Stanford, CA

Henry (he/him/his) is heavily involved in activities around campus, including varsity men’s track & field and cross country teams, music (Henry plays the tuba!), internships, and the COVID-19 testing center. When Henry was stuck at home at the beginning of the pandemic, he spent an obscene amount of time playing Scrabbled but now he’s quite good!

Jack Allen

Jack Allen ’24

Hometown: Wildwood, MO
Major: Geology

One of Jack’s (he/him/his) primary extracurricular activities is as a mentor and event volunteer for Project Friendship. Project Friendship is a community partnership matching local elementary and middle school students with mentors, like Jack, at Carleton and St. Olaf colleges. You can also find Jack spending time at the Oak Grove in the Lower Arb, working on his social dance skills, and serving as the treasurer for the Academic Quiz Team!

Jing Jing Munson

Jing Jing Munson ’25

Hometown: Lino Lakes, MN


Jing Jing (she/her/hers) loves Carleton for the community and academics! So, even though she’ll be studying abroad during fall term 2022, she’s looking forward to returning in the winter to play on Syzygy, Carleton’s DI women’s ultimate team, go on adventures with CANOE Club, and continue her research in Dr. Meerts’ behavioral neuroscience lab.

Jocelyn Ferguson

Jocelyn Ferguson ’25

Hometown: Minneapolis, MN

Before transferring to Carleton in fall 2021, Jocelyn (she/her/hers) spent two months working on a sustainable farm on the small island of Vieques, off of the East coast of Puerto Rico. Now that she’s on campus, you’ll find Jocelyn running on the women’s varsity track & field team and hanging out with Russ in the Math Skills Center.

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Julia Nicole Dunn ’25

Hometown: Portmore, Jamaica

Julia (she/her/hers) is an active member of many clubs on campus: the African Caribbean Association, Women of Color Plus, and the Ujamaa Collective. Aside from being an advocate at Carleton, Julia loves to take part in our rich traditions here; from Late Night Breakfast every term to Friday Flowers every…Friday! After hitting peak ‘place’ when Julia visited Rihanna’s Barbados house in the past, she usually spends her time in Sayles for either a caffeinated pick-me-up or just a chill spot to hang out. 

Kate Burton ’24

Kate Burton ’24

Hometown: Wellesley, MA
Biology (pre-med)

Kate (she/her/hers) is a member of the Carleton Women’s Tennis team who speaks a bit of Spanish and enjoys participating in an a capella group on campus. While she’s never seen any of the classic Disney movies, she knows all the song lyrics!

A photo of Richard in front of Canon river

Richard Liu ’25

Hometown: Shanghai, China

Richard (he/him/his) is a member of the Carleton Players, Carleton’s faculty-directed theater troupe, and is a research assistant with the Political Science Department. When Richard isn’t rehearsing in Wietz or researching in the libe 1st floor (the quietest floor of our library), you can usually find him enjoying the golden sunset through Sayles’ windows.

A photo of Robert, a student, standing in front a frozen lake

Robert Healy ’25

Hometown: Washington, D.C.

Robert (he/him/his) is a Club Volleyball athlete who loves spending time in Sayles, our main student center and cafe for the noisy and studious vibe there. When he’s not on the court or at the cafe, Robert is probably working on his campus project (a continuation of his A&I) or working with our International Student Life division.

A photo of Stella standing in the sun

Stella Dennehy ’24

Hometown: Minneapolis, MN
Major: Political Science (minors in Spanish, Neuroscience, and Public Policy)

Stella (she/her/hers) does a lot of things on campus, many of which involve the admissions office! She serves as a tour guide, works as an athletics fellow, and runs the Carleton College TikTok (drop a follow). She dabbles in the student activities office to help plan events, in addition to being employed at The Ole Store, a restaurant in town. She also plays on Carleton’s varsity volleyball team. During the little free time she has, you can probably find her taking naps in random locations around campus or lounging in Sayles with friends.

Tate Russell

Tate Russell ’23

Hometown: Colfax, WI
Majors: Linguistics & Music (minor in Cognitive Science)

Tate (he/him/his) loves Carleton for the people and the incredibly supportive community. On campus, Tate is involved in choir, Exit 69 a cappella, and the Experimental Theater Board. And, want to know a sweet fact? Tate once won an Oreo-stacking contest at the Missouri State Fair!


A student, Chloe Jones, smiling at the camera in front of a red brick wall

Chloe Jones ’23

Hometown: Omaha, NE
Major: Biology

Chloe (she/her/hers) loves exploring all the Biology major has to offer, but is also interested in the Art department. She is excited to be back on campus as an Admissions Fellow while also competing on the women’s varsity soccer team. Chloe spends the rest of her time on campus finding new paths in the arboretum, playing sand volleyball, and walking around downtown Northfield with friends.

IMG_0469 – Marte Borgmann

Marte Borgmann ’23

Hometown: Seattle, WA
Major: Sociology/Anthropology

Marte (she/her/hers) is a Sociology/Anthropology major at Carleton. She loves to run and is on our Women’s Cross Country and Track teams, and likes to play fiddle and guitar. In her free time Marte can be found with a good book in a hammock or tossing the frisbee with friends. Feel free to reach out to her with any questions you may have! Reach out at

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Scott Hudson ’24

Hometown: Sparks, MD
Major: History (minor in European Studies)

Alongside involvement in general shenanigans around campus, Scott (he/him/his) is a DJ on KRLX, Carleton’s very own student-run FM radio station, co-founded the Carleton Film Society, and teaches the Quidditch PE class.

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Gigi Paulig ’23

Hometown: Durham, NC
Major: Psychology (minor in Spanish)

Gigi (she/her/hers) is a member of Carleton’s D1 women’s ultimate frisbee team called Syzygy. When she’s not throwing a frisbee, Gigi can be found dancing in Synchrony II,  working in the perception lab with Julia Strand, serving as a PD for American Red Cross, and being involved in TRIO/SSS. Her favorite things about Carleton include the fall trip to the haunted amusement park ValleyScare, and Carleton’s Spring Concert (dubbed Sproncert). If Gigi were a place at Carleton, she would be Sayles-hill Student Center, because like Sayles, she is usually busy and always has food. A fun fact about Gigi and her family is that they beat the record for shortest time to escape from an escape room!
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Serafin Patino ’24

Hometown: “My bed”
Majors: Computer Science & Cognitive Science (minor in Neuroscience)

Yo hablo español, 我会说中文

Serafin’s (he/him/his) favorite place on Carleton’s campus are the multitude of study spots in Anderson Hall. When he’s not studying in Anderson, you can find Serafin playing with the men’s club volleyball team! When asked what building he would be on campus, Serafin said the he would be the Weitz Center for Creativity. And finally, a fun fact about Serafin is that is he grew up in a Mexican paramilitary group.

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Nyemade Fallah ’24

Hometown: Minneapolis, MN
Major: Psychology

Nyemade (she/her/hers) loves our student center Sayles because it’s a social hub where you can meet other people. When she’s not in Sayles, you can find Nyemade playing on an IM Basketball team, managing the Women’s Basketball team, and participating in cultural organizations including BSA (Black Student Alliance), ACA (African Caribbean Association), TRIO, OIL (Office of Intercultural Life), and various cultural house activities! A fun fact about Nyemade is that both of her parents are Liberian. At Carleton, Nyemade really enjoys the support from the professors, student services, and counselors. She always knows that help is available on campus.

Lita Theng ’23

Hometown: Cambodia
Major: Computer Science (minor in Art History)

Beyond her amazing ability to speak, read, and write in four languages, Lita (she/her/hers) is a national athlete for the Cambodian equestrian team! At Carleton, she is a member of the Carleton College Equestrian team sport club, a co-leader and event planner of COSEA (Coalition of Southeast Asians), and a salsa dancer. Lita’s favorite places on campus are the climbing gym and the arboretum, where she likes to go running. Speaking to her favorite thing about Carleton, Lita turns to the unending support from staff and faculty in whatever endeavor she chooses to explore.