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Women’s Club Lacrosse

Fiona writes about her experience on the Women's Club Lacrosse team during her sophomore year.

Fiona writes about her experience on the Women's Club Lacrosse team during her sophomore year.

Carleton offers sports at a variety of levels. For a moderate commitment with intercollegiate competition, you should try a club sport! Though I had never played in high school, I picked up lacrosse during my sophomore year. Our team competes in the Upper Midwest Women’s Lacrosse League. We are always accepting new members and all are welcome!

Club Sports

Club sports are a great way to pass time and meet people at Carleton. In my experience, club sports are a mid-level commitment. If you want to get a PE credit from your club sport, you’ll have to meet an attendance requirement. Beyond this requirement, our practices are usually not mandatory. This makes being a club team member easy to work into your schedule. Lots of people end up on two or more teams in the same term. 

Our teams are welcoming to students of all backgrounds. People of all skill levels are encouraged to join, and equipment is provided. To get to know each other and other Carleton teams, teams will usually hold social events. I am a social captain for women’s lacrosse! This means that I work with other social captains to host socials that are fun, inclusive, and safe.

Socials are what the team makes them. Usually, any activity that the team expresses interest in can be worked into socials. They range from scavenger hunts, to dinners, to birthday parties, to anything in between. Many teams become very close knit through both practices/games and socials. It’s hard to be an active member of a team without making friends along the way.

A selfie of the women's lacrosse team outside by the lacrosse field
End-of-year selfie after our final practice!

Fall and Winter Practices

For lacrosse, practices are held all year. Typically, the closer to competition season it is, the more practices there are. Last fall, we had two practices per week. This increased to three in the winter, and two extended practices in the spring. When it is warm, practices are held outside on the lacrosse field behind Goodhue Hall. Usually, practices begin with a warmup and some drills for passing and catching. We then focus on specific skills and plays. If there’s time, we wrap up practice with a short scrimmage to put it all together.
During the winter, practices move from the lacrosse field to the Recreation Center. Indoor practices are identical to outdoor ones, except we use indoor balls. The winter was also when we started to incorporate ‘track practices’ into our schedule. These are practices where we do a non-lax workout, be it lifting, cardio, or light calisthenics. 

Competition Season

Because of our trimester calendar, competition season begins during our winter term. Last winter, our first event was a scrimmage against Macalester (we won 14-10!). After the first scrimmage, games took place every couple weeks. In total, we played against six other schools: St. Olaf, Macalester, Gustavus, Mankato, UW Eau Claire, and UW Milwaukee
Women's lacrosse team taking a team photo with silly faces at St Mary's Dome
Women’s Lacrosse at St Mary’s Dome (Post-Win!)

During spring term, we started traveling to other schools to compete. These schools included St Mary’s and Macalester. Though many of the girls on the team had little to no lacrosse experience prior to this year, we did really well! We won games against five of the six other schools. We were expected to do well in the playoffs, but sadly they were canceled this year. Despite this, we are excited to keep improving as a team and compete next year.

Women's Lacrosse at Macalester, team photo taken on the field
Us at Macalester after a tournament day. We won 4/5 games @ Mac!

Fiona (she/her) is a rising Junior from Stoneham, MA who is majoring in Cognitive Science and minoring in Philosophy. On campus, Fiona works at Carleton’s music venue, The Cave, and is one of many admissions bloggers who is a DJ on KRLX. She is also a defender on the women’s club lacrosse team, and takes yoga classes wherever they fit into her schedule. In her down time, you can find Fiona going for walks in the Arboretum, listening to a podcast, or grabbing a dessert from Cakewalk. Meet the other Bloggers!