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Winter Essentials to Keep You Cozy For Midterms

Norman provides advice for self-care and relaxation during the stressful week of exams.

Norman provides advice for self-care and relaxation during the stressful week of exams.

With midterm exams approaching, I can begin to feel the tension in the dining halls as everyone prepares for their exams and paper deadlines. Needless to say, winter term can be difficult, what with the cold temperatures and a hard schedule of classes. However, there are tons of ways to relax and decompress, especially during a stressful time of the school year. In my mind, you can never go wrong with watching a movie. The movie Encanto is a personal favorite of mine, and will be sure to cheer you up! It’s an amazing film to watch during or after midterms.

Impression of studying with friends in the libe
Studying can be a social activity!

I’ve compiled a list of strategies that Carls use to combat winter stress and get cozy just in time for exams. Here they are!


When you think of writing, you often associate it with school and the horrors of writing about something you completely dread. But take it from me, when you’re given the freedom to express yourself you’ll find that everything you’ve been holding on to can be expressed however you choose. You’re the one who holds the pen. Try to reframe your mindset!

A student works at a computer at the Writing Center
The Writing Center located in the library is a fantastic resource for students who want help and guidance at any stage of the writing process.

Face Masks

Face masks are the best way to destress and smoothen your skin. Take a few tea bags from the Language and Dining Center and enjoy a hot cup of tea while spilling the tea with your friends. It’s the best way to enjoy a study break before you go back to writing those essays.

Playing in the Snow

As someone who is mediocre at best when skiing and ice skating, I still find it exciting to go out with my friends and throw ourselves onto the snow. You’re never too old to make snowmen or sled down the hills. It’s always fun slipping and sliding.

Snowshoeing in the arb is another winter recreational activity at Carleton.


Baking at Dacies
Stop by the Dacie Moses House, otherwise known as “the cookie house,” to whip up some delicious chocolate chip cookies if you’re so inclined!

Sometimes we get the munchies! Another great way to take a break is by cooking—you’ll be able to taste your own food and feel accomplished after. All residential halls on campus have a kitchen on every floor, so baking desserts with friends is a must. I highly recommend learning how to make key lime pie.


Meditation can go a long way, as it’s a means by which to create a distance from our reality, to a place where there are no distractions or inconveniences. Luckily, the Chaplain’s Office offers various opportunities to practice mindfulness meditation. The Office of Health Promotion also has great resources for combatting stress and engaging in self-care routines. Sometimes our minds become overworked from schoolwork, so it’s a good idea to stop and rest for a moment.


As someone who enjoys watching multiple shows, I can assure you it’s a nice way to distract yourself for a couple of hours. Lately, I have been invested in Peacemaker, a show on HBO, and several of the Marvel shows on Disney Plus. Atlanta on FX by Donald Glover as well is another recommendation of mine.

To Conclude:

Finding time to implement some self-care strategies and take care of yourself is so important, whether you’re a high school student, prospective student, or current Carl. I wish everyone all my best, hoping that you all get those A’s and get good sleep in the process.

Norman is a freshman from Pawtucket, Rhode Island, who is excited to experience the Minnesota winters and Northfield’s culture. His curiosity for quantum mechanics has caused both a headache and an interest in Physics, Chemistry, Engineering, and Economics! At Carleton, he wants to participate in a variety of clubs and indulge himself in the unknown. In his free time, Norman can be found reading a book with a cup of green tea on the side, listening to the Weeknd, or excessively online shopping. Meet the other bloggers!