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What I’ll Miss Over the Summer

Hannah reviews her favorite people, places, and memories from her first year at Carleton.

Hannah reviews her favorite people, places, and memories from her first year at Carleton.

According to my calendar, I have less than two weeks of classes in my entire freshman year left. After that I have reading days, finals, and then summer break begins! I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: it’s crazy how fast time passes here. While I’m absolutely ecstatic for summer, there are so many things I am going to miss over break (I swear this is not an excuse to just show pictures of all my favorite college things).


I have met so many amazing people during my time at Carleton and I can’t wait to meet so many more over the next three years. So excited for more laughs, frisbee tosses, and Catan games.

My friends Audrey, Sara, and Meredith
My glorious victory in Catan
Peter and Cullen!
Sara and Gabe!


I have talked a lot about running in track this year, and though I might not miss some of our volume workouts, I am definitely going to miss running with my wonderful teammates and coaches (and their dog Floyd).

Audrey, Ineke, and I on our way home from a meet!
Floyd is the dog of our coach Brian!
Some of the team at practice! (I’m trying really hard to not be sad about the graduation of all the wonderful seniors I have had the opportunity to get to know this year.)
Riley and I enjoy ice cream after a meet!
Tharkfest (track thanksgiving) with Audrey and Jocelyn

Downtown Northfield

Though it is probably better for my wallet that I am not near so many cool shops and my favorite thrift stores, I’ll miss being able to stroll 5 minutes from campus to Goodbye Blue Monday or Clothes Closet.

Where will I be without the book recommendations of the Content Bookstore?
Blue Mondays
My favorite iced coffee comes from Goodbye Blue Monday.
Coffee studying in Little Joy with Audrey

The Arb

The Cowling Arboretum is one of my favorite places to wander in. Whether I want to walk, run, or Nordic ski, it always has a beautiful view!

A snowy path in the Arb
A gathering around the fire at the Hill of Three Oaks

My professors + classes

I have learned so much this year! There are some incredible professors at Carleton and I won’t forget the memories made in all of my classes. And I still have 3 years left of classes of professors to meet and things to learn!

Cathy poses after sticking our heads under a little waterfall during a geology trip

My dorm room

Somehow my dorm has started to feel more like “my room” than my room at home does. I will miss the beautiful view from the enormous 4th Myers windows!

My home away from home
The sun shines through my window

Northfield sunsets

Okay technically the sunsets in Northfield are quite similar to the ones at home in St. Joseph, MN, but they are beautiful nonetheless!

Lyman lakes
The sun sets over the beautiful Lyman Lakes
Another wonderful view from 4th Myers

Things I can do without

Homework. Can’t say I’ll miss it… but I will miss you Carleton 🙂

Hannah is a freshman interested in Political Science and learning as much as she can about whatever she can. Born and raised in Minnesota, she considers herself somewhat of an expert on MN winters. She can’t wait for ice skating on the Bald Spot and Nordic skiing in the Arb, along with exploring all of the other amazing opportunities and activities on campus! When Hannah isn’t in class, she can be found reading, running for the Carleton Track team, watching TikToks, and tutoring with the Northfield Read and Counts Program. Meet the other bloggers!