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What Happens Over Breaks?

Darius describes several Carleton-sponsored summer break activities that students partake in.

Darius describes several Carleton-sponsored summer break activities that students partake in.

I recently went home to Houston for my birthday. And while I enjoyed my reprieve from Northfield for 10 days, I couldn’t help but think about what wonderful adventures I was missing out on with my friends still at Carleton. Outside of the everyday tomfoolery that we engage in, there were several fun Carleton-sponsored activities put on by students!

Garage Sale Shenanigans

A "yard sale" in town
Note: picture taken pre-pandemic.

With over 500 seniors graduating each year and many of them not needing all of the decorations and furniture in their rooms, astute scavengers can find items that they didn’t even know they needed for their rooms in the coming years and beyond! Personally, I got myself a mini-fridge, a family-sized bag of Malt-O-Meal, a knitted Android figure, and containers of cayenne pepper, garlic powder, and onion powder. All these findings have found a home either in my room or in my stomach over the past four weeks.

Dacie’s Fruit Fest

Baking at Dacies

Even though many students are back home right now, Dacie Moses house maintains a strong presence during the summer time with lots of outdoor cooking events for students and members of the Northfield community! Aside from their weekly Sunday brunches and daily baking, the house hosted a Fruit Fest, serving dishes containing a variety of fresh fruits. Cherries, blueberries, blackberries, and apples dominated the scene, and some berries were even foraged in the arboretum by Carleton students! Another great thing about this event is that, since the dining halls are closed, cooking can get tiring, so opportunities for free meals are always appreciated and the Dacie Moses house has them in abundance!

The 4th of July Cookout

Fireworks by Mai Fete

Last but not least was the 4th of July cookout put on by Carleton administration! The event was a great time, complete with grilling, water fights, and fireworks, but mostly importantly, the camaraderie of the Carleton community. It’s super easy to go to events like these and make friends who you wouldn’t have known existed, all thanks to Carleton’s commitment to making sure that its students are given adequate opportunities to engage with each other at all times of the year.

BONUS: The Pie-Baking Contest

pie contest

For a little bonus event (that I was actually here for), I’d like to highlight the Dacie Moses Annual Pie Baking Contest! (Zoë elaborates on her house’s entry into the competition in her blog post.) This year, there were over a dozen entries, many of which were first time pie bakers. The judges, all of whom were Carleton faculty members, admitted that a case could be made for every pie to receive first prize. After taste-testing all of them, I must admit that they were right! The entire event was lovely and, as Dean Livingston put it, “it was an amazing excuse to be gluttonous.”

Darius is an economics major from Houston, TX! He is really passionate about things like improving societal injustices, educating the next generation of learners, and convincing his friends that Latin isn’t a dead language. In his spare time, Darius plays chess, hugs his friends, and gets some fresh air on his longboard! Meet the other Bloggers!