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Well This Is Weird.

Lucas describes his first week back at Carleton in this New Normal everybody keeps talking about.

Lucas describes his first week back at Carleton in this New Normal everybody keeps talking about.

I’m back.

Well, my first week of college as an upperclassman has been a different kind of whirlwind.

It’s been bizarre.

I’m so happy to be back. It’s a weird combination of comfort and anxiety suddenly being surrounded by so many students again. Luckily, people are being serious about social distancing, so the anxiety isn’t a matter of feeling like things are going wrong so much as everyone collectively holding their breath, waiting to see if any surprises come our way.

As I’ve moved into my new ~Davis Suite~ with my roommates Larry and Jack, it’s been a weird experience starting classes and being aware of how me and all (well, most) my friends are finally back in the same place again, and yet none of us are seeing each other. I look forward to a handful of socially distanced walks once everyone gets their first two rounds of COVID test results back.

In the meantime, yeah, new classes!

This may be my most exciting term yet in terms of the subjects I’m covering! I’m taking a physics class, a film class, and an environmental studies class!

General Relativity is my first 300-level physics course, and college course in general. My nervousness surrounding that is tempered by the fact that I’m taking it with Jay, who’s an incredibly kind prof who I’ve gotten to know over previous courses within the department.

Screenwriting is my first 200-level CAMS course. I’m so excited to finally learn how to do that screenwriting thing properly! It’s also taught by an outside-of-Carleton-person who works in the industry, which is pretty cool.

Carbon and Climate is my first environmental studies class, so I guess it’s also technically my first 200-level ENTS class too! I’m so excited to be taking this one. I tried to take this class last year, but…uh…forgot which term it was being offered…. Regardless, it’s incredibly satisfying to finally be taking a class so directly tied to my post-college plans.

There’s so much to do!

I’ll have more to share soon. But again, with the start of new classes and moving-into-a-new-dorm period, and extra COVID safety procedures and tests and aspects of life to figure out on top of that, this week has been extra whirlwind-y. I’ll have more to report soon.

So, overall, I’m back. It’s as exhilarating as it is nerve-wracking. I will be approaching this term with cautious optimism and a commitment to the safety for myself and those around me.

Let’s do this.

When he wrote this, Lucas was distancing through the beginning of his junior year, bringing with him a passion for all things nerdy and a talent for overthinking and awkwardness (and self-deprecation). Lucas hails from Pasadena, California, and hopes everyone is okay back there. He saw himself majoring in Physics, while hoping to explore Cinema and Media StudiesChemistryEconomicsMathematics, StatisticsComputer Science, and pretty much every other department at Carleton as well. He misses everyone and sends his love. Meet the other bloggers!